Fernando Carlos
Gobernadorcillo de Manila
Don Fernando
Fernando in his military attire
Reign 1739-1802
Coronation 1739
Full name Fernando Carlos y Enrique
Titles Don Fernando
Birthplace Manila, Spanish East Indies (now Philippines)
Died 1760
Place of death Manila, Spanish East Indies (now Philippines)
Predecessor Don Carlos of Manila
Royal House Manila, Tondo
Dynasty Sulayman Dynasty
Spanish Criollos
Religious beliefs Roman Catholicism

Fernando Carlos y Enrique or Don Fernando was the Gobernadorcillo of Manila from 1739 to 1802. He was the eldest son of Don Carlos de Enrique, who was the seventh ruler of the kingdom of Manila.

Fernando Carlos commanded the native colonial and police forces of Manila, who cooperated with the Spanish army. His position, the gobernadorcillo along with the encomiendas received the highest attention from the Spanish crown. He received the title Don Fernando, while his younger brother Juan Carlos became Don Juan who was the cabeza of Santa Cruz barangay.


Fernando's patrilineal descent comes from a line of sultans and old kings of Manila known as the Sulayman Dynasty which contains Tagalog, Tausūg and Malay descent. His matrilineal lineage is of Spanish-Mexican origin.

He was born on Easter 1700, which was the date his father who was formerly Esmael, converted to Roman Catholicism under the name Carlos and his grandfather, Safar ud-Din who took the name Enrique.

His mother Carrolla López was a Spanish-Mexican noble.

Gobernadorcillo of Manila

In 1739, Fernando and Juan's father Carlos abdicated the throne in Manila and Pasig. The inheritance was split between Fernando and his younger brother Juan. Fernando himself, was assigned with the power of controlling Manila and Pasig's native colonial police force, he was given the symbolic Sulayman kris sword that his forefathers had used while his younger brother, who was tasked with the diplomatic matters was given the royal salakot which was also worn by Juan and Fernando's Muslim ancestors.

The Sultanate of Manila had ended during the reign of Don Carlos, but the Spanish let him retain control over the barangays south of the Pasig River after he converted to Roman Catholicism with his father Enrique, the territory that the sultanate controlled.

When the inheritance was passed on to Fernando and Juan, the Spanish Governor-General of the Philippines restricted Fernando and Juan's domains to one barangay each, although their powers and privileges were to be highly elevated so they could enjoy the same rights they had.

Fernando then was given the title to be the Gobernadorcillo of Manila and Pasig, carrying on a heavy duty as a military duke of the native forces while Juan became the cabeza of the Santa Cruz barangay.

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