History of Rome-After Ætas ab Brian

List of Cæsars

Cæsar Titvs Carico Domitianvs
Born: 799(46)
Place of birth: Roma
Known relatives: Vaspasian, father; Titus, brother
Legal status: Citizen of the Roman Empire
Ruled: 834(81)-844(91)

Domitian was the fifth Cæsar, having succeeded his unfortunate brother Titus in 834(81). He is best known for initiating the Patripate and getting his memory damned after his quasi-approved assassination in 844(91); you can still find stuff on him if you dig deep enough.

Early Public Life and Rule

Domitian's first notable acts began in 832(79) after Rome was struck by a severe case of fire. He followed his brother Titus' lead in funding reconstruction, but his were works uninspired compared to Titus'. Despite this mediocrity Domitian through these buildings began to refer to himself as Romulus, implying he (and to a lesser extent) his brother were essentially refounding the city. When Domitian replaced his brother as Cæsar, he formally added Romulus to his titles- Domitian has been the only Cæsar aside from Commodus to have taken the Romulus title. In response to wide-spread grumblings as to his behaviours, Domitian soon revived the title of Dictator as well.


Domitian's assassination was not well planned in advance; the Senate had become accustomed to the Cæsars being able to follow the laws of succession themselves, and so as the government paused from the shock of the first-ever violation of the sacrosanct life of the Emperor, civil war threatened to occur from the sheer power vacuum. Just before things got ugly however the Senate and Prætorian Guard were able to agree on the Senator Nerva to become Cæsar, while making a big showy punishment of the Guard for its actions, tempered by a martyrific sacrifice of a handful of those involved to be the full scapegoats. To further legitimise their actions, Damnatio Memoriæ was stickered on immediately following the assassination.


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