Domino Theory is a timeline in which both the Vietnam War and Korean War do not occur, allowing Communism to spread throughout Eastern and Southern Asia. Introducing Domino Theory, a timeline created by Gameklaas



World Map, 1990

The United States plans an invasion of Japanese-occupied Korea in 1948 following the victory in Europe but before it is able to, the Soviet Union invades the area and backs a guerrilla group of Communists called the Jucheists. This event essentially sparks the Cold War between the USA and the Soviet Union. Following this, newly Communist China invades Japanese-occupied Vietnam to assist its allies in defeating Imperial Japan. This halts the US invasion of Vietnam and the Vietminh are able to take control of the entire country, leading to the "Domino Theory" that one country becoming communist leads to the surrounding countries to becoming communist to be proven correct, with Japan's fall to Communism occurring in 1950. In the 1970s, a group of Bengali communists known as the Tiger Force rise to power following a revolution that unites India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan into a Marxist-Maoist superstate.

In 1989, the Soviets are able to fight off Iranian-backed Mujahideen and dissolve the country of Afghanistan into the Union, but the Union eventually crumbles in 1995, a few years after the inevitable collapse of the Berlin Wall following further US involvement in Europe's affairs which caused decline in popularity of the Soviet government. The US neglects Guam in this period as it no longer becomes useful to fight a losing battle against Communists in Asia, and so it to falls to a Communist dictatorship.

Point of Divergence

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