Dominion of the Bahamas
Eleutheria Land
1647 –
Flag of the Commonwealth CoA of Bahamas
"Forward, Upward, Onward Together"
("Forward, Upward, Onward Together.")
March on, Bahamaland
Dominion of the Bahamas
The Bahamian Dominion.
Capital Robertus Town
Official language English
Government Republican Dominion
Head of state
1995 -
Lord Protector
David Cameron
Head of government
1995 -
Dominion President
Perry Christie
Area 14,295 km² (2007)
Population 367,154 (2007)
Historical era
- First Settlement by Puritans
- Creation of United Bahamas
- Dominion Status

- 1647
- 1752
- 1802
Currency Pound Sterling
Flag of the Commonwealth   The Commonwealth Empire & Overseas Territories   Indiaflag
Empire Protectors

Commonwealth of England | North American Commonwealth


Dominion of the Bahamas |



Overseas Territories

Cádiz | Dunkirk

Flag of Hong Kong 1959   Members of the United Kingdom of Britain and North America   Oceania

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