The Dominion of New England was a British colony that never really received independence. The Dominion of New England owned the provinces of Pennsylvania, Maryland, New England, Virginia, Carolina, Georgia, East Florida, Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky, New York, West Florida, Indiana, and Michigan. The country is a Parliamentary Democracy. The province of New Jersey is owned by Great Britain, as to keep control over the Dominion, while the rest of the country is governed by Prime Minister Vista May, and only listens to the crown in times of economic hardship, and major wars. The country is often regarded as "Canada's pants", as not really being relevant. In the Canadian Revolution of 1812, New England lost the province of Maine, Wisconsin, and Northern Michigan, while also being forced to pay a huge fine. Today, the Dominion of New England exceeds in healthcare and has the 6th highest living quality, they have the 10th highest literacy rate

The World 1900
with some of the best education systems in the world. But, the country struggles politically and militarily, with having 10th smallest military in the world. It is hardly seen as a relevant country in the Canadian World Council, with a seat in the last row, and almost no privileges. During the 3rd Great Depression, the country nearly collapsed if it wasn't for the support provided by the United Monarchy of the British Isles, and the Kingdom of France.

The DME has very good relations with the Republic of California and the Republic of Arizona

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