Dominion of Louisiana
Timeline: Kings Reluctance

OTL equivalent: French colony of Louisiana minus the area around New Orleans
Flag of Louisiana 1912 LouisianaCoA
Flag Coat of Arms
Dominion of Louisiana Map (Kings Relucatance)
Location Louisiana

Union, Confidence, and Justice (English, French)

Anthem "Bearer of Plains"
Capital Jacksonville (OTL Des Moines)
Largest city St. Louis
Other cities Baton Rouge, Sioux City, Vandaliaville, Oregon City
Language English, French
Protestant Christian
  others Atheist, Catholic Christian, Judaism
Ethnic Group Caucasian, black, American Indian
Demonym Louisianan
Government Parlimentary Republic
  legislature Louisianan Parliament
Prime Minister Huey Long III
Vice Prime Minister Jacque Clement
Population 21,408,109 est. 2016 
Currency Louisianan pound

The Dominion of Louisiana was a British dominion formed in 1854 after enough white settlement in the region and the wiping out of most of the Indian tribes by the Louisianan colonial guard and New England military. Louisiana was sized during the Great European War of the 1790s. Louisiana only lost the area around New Orleans and the mouth of the Mississippi to New England, these areas were annexed into the New English state of Mississippi. Anglo citizens in Louisiana were at first a minority compared to the large French population in St. Louis. But as more people of British decent moved in from New England and Canada. And in 1840 the city of Jacksonville was founded in honor of the New England war hero Andrew Jackson. Jacksonville quickly became a large city and the British moved there nerve center there. Most of the population in the Dominion today is in the home province of Iowa and in Georgeland to the south with the French minority concentrated in Missouri. The Indian minority is concentrated in the provinces of North & South Sioux. A substantial but small British immigrant minority lives in New East Wales. Louisiana was a major contributor of cotton after the New England Civil War.

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