Dominion of Ireland
Tiarnas Éireann
Timeline: Edward the Ripper
St Patrick's saltire.svg Coat of arms of Ireland.svg
Coat of arms
Talamh na Ceiltigh
Royal anthem: 
God Save the King
Ireland (island) in Europe.png
Dominion of Ireland, 1911
Official languages English, Irish
Regional Languages Scots Gaelic, Ulster Scots
Demonym Irish
Government Parliamentary Constituional Monarchy
 -  Monarch Edward VIII
 -  Taoiseach John Redmond
 -  Upper house Seanad
 -  Lower house Dáil
 -  Acts of Union between Great Britain and Ireland 1 January 1801 
 -  Dublin Agreement 22 September 1903 
Currency Irish Pound (Punt Éireannach)
The Dominion of Ireland (Irish: Tiarnas Éireann) is an independent state established in 1903 following the Dublin Agreement in which the government of the United Kingdom recognised the Dominion as self-governing.