After the Indian won the 1857 Uprising, India lost half of their population and was reduced to 45,000,000, the british tried to invade yet again to no avail. With the continuous threat of British Invasion, India, Ethiopia,China and New Mali allied to invade and colonize Britain,France and Belgium to stop further colonization. After the 1868-1891 Golden Age in which much of Asia and Africa modernized and capitalized their countries, China decide to relinquish control of Wales to India. After the invasion Empress Victoria and Emperor Napoleon III were exiled to Pondecherry under the order of Emperor Rajesh II and Victoria to Thailand by a request from KIng Rama V. In 1914, France was given independence from New Mali and the Isle of Man was made a penal colony. In 1943, Britain was promised self-rule by India for allegiance. In 1967, Britain was given self-rule by Empress Vijava V. In 1982, Britain was given independence after a 4 year civil war. In 1983, the exile of the Windsor Family was lifted.

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