The Dominion War was the war nobody expected. Nearly everybody assumed the Third World War would be between America and the Soviet Union. They were wrong. In fact, the Americans and Soviets formed an unholy alliance with each other against the mighty Asian Defense League. The primary cause of the war was simply the invasion of Kuwait by Saddam Hussein. Nuclear weapons were only used sparingly and thus, the immediate after effects of the war were relatively mild. The war largely ended in a stalemate; however, the sovereignty of Taiwan was finally recognized by all the world's nations.

January 1st to October 31st 1991: Rapid gains for the ADL Despite the massive Reagan defense budget, the American forces were caught off guard by China's aggressive response. Thus, American troops, positioned to defend West Germany and Austria, were unable to stop the blitzkrieg strikes by the ADL against Jordan and Israel. This is a repeat of the October War for Israel; having to only fight on one front, its forces withstand the Iraqi and ADL forces. Similar campaigns were launched against Turkey and Mongolia in early March.

March 13th was a bad day for the Soviets. The strategically vital port of Vladivostok was bombed and the Soviet Pacific Fleet was crippled and was to play no further part in the war. San Francisco and Los Angeles found themselves targets for intercontinental bombers as did the European cities of London and Paris. The Chinese army was extremely large but mainly of poor quality.

December 5 Battle of Tokyo Volta for the Coalition

A USEF, JGSDF division and Red Army battalion made a last stand against the ADL armies in Tokyo. Even with their massive armies, the ADL were defeated. The ADL were forced off the Japanese islands by March 1992. President Rumsfeld tells Congress that the war is turning in their favor.

June 3 Peace The US and Soviet Union put a nuclear warhead on Mir and tell the ADL that they can target any city from space. As a result they sue for peace, which puts an end to the Dominion War.

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