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Domestic America timeline is mainly focused on the survival of the American horse, and other domesticable animals in the American continent, creating a really different history for the world in general. The abbreviation for the title is DomA.

The Civilizations that boomed because of the animal usage, developed to become powerful in their regions, ending up to become a threat to the Old world, disease and death followed their trails and boats, and a new era would come for the world, a era of conflict, the so called Age of Discovery, was just beginning.

Domesticable Animals


The great extinction of the American horse never happened, the native Indians started using them to hunt and pastorate the bison from the great plains, they eventually spread all across the American continent.


The Llama and the Alpaca were domesticated by the Andean tribes early on, letting then form the first civilizations in the region.


The animal is easily domesticable and helped the eastern South American civilizations in their formation and journey to power.


The Lisboan (called turkey in OTL) was mainly used by the north Mexican civilizations for food.


A semi-domestic animal that was mainly domesticated by the Inuit tribes in the region.

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