This is a list of Episodes in the Doctor Who isn't cancelled in 1989 Timeline from after the POD in 1984.

Colin Baker

Season 22

The Mark of the Rani

In 19th century London, the Doctor and Peri find themselves facing two competing enemies: his old adversary, the Master, and the Rani, another Time Lord with a sinister plan. The local population are turning violent and unpredictable. With a major meeting of the brains of the Industrial Revolution due to happen in the village soon, the Doctor must work out what exactly is causing all the problems. Only the Doctor can stop the Master and the Rani's evil plans with the help of a local Innkeeper with a secret.

First Appearance of John Higgins played by Gary Cady

Song of the Space Whale

Massacre of the Sontarans

The Guardian's of Prophecy

Revelation of the Daleks

The Final Game

Season 23

Yellow Fever and How to Cure It

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