État libre associé de Djibouti
Commonwealth Territory of Djibouti
Flag of Djibouti (Vegetarian World)
Official languages French
Capital Djibouti City
Largest City Djibouti City
Population 264,000
HDI 0.821
Nation formed N/A (French territory with Commonwealth Territory status)
Currency French franc (FRF)
Our Timeline Equivalent Djibouti
The Commonwealth Territory of Djibouti, or Djibouti is a commonwealth territory of France situated on the northeastern coast of Africa, facing the Red Sea. It borders Abyssinia and Afar.
DJB Djibouti City scene (VegWorld)

European Quarter, Djibouti City

Since the Sinai Canal opened in Egypt, linking the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea, and thus creating a quick sea route between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, Djibouti has been a bustling port. Most of the population of the territory of Djibouti live in or near Djibouti City. It is also linked to other areas of Africa by over-land trade routes, and there are some nomads still to be found in the interior.



60% Non-Vegetarian
40% Vegetarian

Ethnic Groups

32% French
26% Afar
14% other Africans
10% other Europeans
08% multiple race
04% Indian
03% Chinese
01% Japanese
02% others (Middle Easterners, etc)


81% French
11% Afar
08% others


61% Christian
31% Catholic
19% Orthodox Christian
11% other Christian (mostly syncretic)
22% Cathar
10% non-religious
03% Muslim
04% others (Hinduism, Buddhism, folk religions, etc)

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