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Republic of Djibouti
République de Djibouti
Timeline: Somaliland Independence
Preceded by 1977 - 1995 Succeeded by
Flag of France France Flag of Ethiopia Ethiopia
Flag of Djibouti 85px-Coat of arms of Djibouti svg
Flag of Djibouti Coat of Arms of Djibouti
250px-LocationDjibouti svg
Djibouti during the Somaliland War of Independence

Unité, Égalité, Paix/ الوحدة والمساواة والسلام (Arabic, French)
("Unity, Equality, Peace")

Anthem: ""Djibouti""
Capital: Djibouti
Largest city: Djibouti
Other cities: Tadjourah/ Ali Sabieh/ Arta/ Dikhil/ Obock
Language: Arabic, French
  other religions: Cristianism, Hindu
Ethnic groups:
Afar and Issa
  other: Arabic, European
Government: Paralamentar Republic
Area: 23.200 km2
Population: 810 179 hab
Currency: Djiboutian Franc
Internet TLD: .dj

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