Dixiecrat Party
Founder John C. Breckinridge
Founded 1866
Ideology Social Conservatism, States Rights, Economic Liberalism
Political Position Right Wing
Official colours Black

The Dixiecrat party is a Confederate political party. Considered to be on the Right of the Confederate political spectrum. It is the oldest political party in the Confederate States.



The origins of the Dixiecrat party can be traced back to the 1860 United States presidential election, when the southern Democrats split from the northern Democratic party and ran on a separate platform. The southern Democratic party's nominee for President was John C. Breckinridge.

During the Confederate War of Independence there were no political parties in the CSA, and it was hoped that no official parties would be formed. The First Confederate Congress (1862-1864) was dominated by former Democrats. The Second Congress (1864-1866) was dominated by former Whigs, Constitutional Unionists and Know Nothings. The divisions between these two groups gradually became more defined.

1866 - 1900

On February 23rd 1866, five days after the Third Confederate Congress was sworn in, former Democrats gathered outside the Capitol building in Richmond and formed the Southern Democratic party.

John C Breckinridge by Nicola Marschall

John C. Breckinridge

1921 - 1934

In 1921 the Dixiecrat candiate Carter Glass won the Presidency, putting the party back in power for the first time in 12 years.

Through the 1920's the Dixiecrats were able to slowly replace and absorb much of the support of the Whig party, by the time of the 1933 presidential election the Whigs were a relatively minor party, and were only really strong in Florida.

1934 - 1964

1964 - 1975

1975 - 1999

1999 -


Dixiecrat Presidential Tickets

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