Diwali the Lame
Diwali the Lame
Portrait of Diwali
Born 1498
Died 1533
Style His Chiefly Majesty, Great Chief Diwali the Lame of Cahokia
Title Great Chief of Mississippia
Term 1524-1533
Predecessor Tah-Chee
Successor Antinanco
Religion Southern Cult
Diwali the Lame of Mississippia was the fifth Great Chief of Mississippia from his acension to the throne in 1524 until his death in 1533.

Early LifeEdit

Diwali was the third son of Tah-Chee, and by far the least fit to rule. He was born with a mental handicap, but it was a well-hidden secret among the royal family. Not anticipating to ascend to the throne, Diwali failed to do much hunting or preparing to take over after his father's death.

After his elder two brothers were killed in a small rebellion, however, Diwali was to become the ruler. Tah-Chee, not wanting to endanger the House of Rektaw's control over Mississippian affairs, refused to tell the Grand Council of his son's handicap, so Diwali became Chief regardless after his father's death.


The reign of Diwali was noted for being the main period of decline in Mississippia. The first factor that triggered this decline was the spread of many different deadly diseases across Borealia. Many Mississippians died, although the medicine men did manage to prevent the utter decimation of the population.

The second factor was the arrival of Europeans along the eastern coast of Borealia, which led to greater hostility, at least for a short period of time, of the natives along the eastern coast. Raids were frequent, and Diwali was incapable of handling all of the crises that emerged on a monthly basis.

Diwali began to rely more and more on the Grand Council, which eventually decided that Diwali was to be the last of the House of Rektaw. By Diwali's death under suspicious circumstances in 1533, the Grand Council had chosen Antinanco as the next Great Chief of Mississippia.


The legacy of Diwali the Lame was quite negative but it did result in the start of the House of Antinanco, which would be quite successful in ruling Mississippia.

His inability to govern also led to the creation of the Cahokian Empire which would become the Mississippian Confederation.