The World

The United States is shattered into many warring nations, the most powerful being New York, Illinois Empire, and the California Republic. The Mexican Empire is easily the most powerful nation in the Westermn Hemisphere and one of the most powerful in the world. The German Empire
D.S.A. Europe
is the world's only superpower, spanning Germany, Western Poland, Northern France, and Southern Great Britain. Russia is divided into two nations: The USSR and the Russian Republic, both hating the other and with wars wracking them constantly. Germany's WW2 allies, Italy and Japan, are also influential nations that are second-best only to Germany. Rebellions in the world are constant, with many unpopular German-run governments in Europe. The Pacific Ocean is controlled mostly by Japan, with all the Western and the Central Islands under Japanese control. California owns a few islands, and has peaceful relations with the kingdom of Hawaii.


The American Revolution is won by Great Britain. The Battle of Trenton is a disaster for the Americans, and their already low morale drops enough that two-thirds of them disband. The Continental Army is crushed, and the American Revolution is lost. Later, in 1872, Great Britain granted the 13 states "Dominion" status, and in 1905 the 13 states were given full independence. Each state became its own independent country, not uniting into one country due to the failure of the American Revolution, which many see as a sign that a "United States" would not be able to run itself and would completely fall apart.

The Russian Republic is able to defend the Winter Palace by intercepting the Bolsheviks' plan of attack and placing large numbers of troops around the palace. The Communists ignore their setback and launch a military campaign against Russia, escalating the event into a full-fledged war. Attrition rules the battlefield as thousands of soldiers fall. Eventually a peace treaty is signed, dividing Russia into the Russian Republic and the Soviet Union.

Historical Differences

  • World War 1 was a long conflict, as the United States was not able to come to France and Britain's aid. The war ended after many years a stalemate between the Central Powers and the Allied Powers, with almost none of the problems staring the war being resolved.
  • World War 2 was a Axis victory, for Germany did not invade Russia because of the constant wars between the Russian Republic and the USSR. The countries in America joined opposing sides in the war, with no substantial victories on either side. Spain and Portugal joined the allies due to a Republican victory in the Spanish Civil War, giving the German invasion of France a hard time.
  • Germany is the only superpower, not the United States.
  • Communism and fascism rule the world, with capitalism in decline.
  • The United Nations does not exist; instead, a German-led organization called the Fascist Union exists, only allowing fascist nations to join. A rival organization, the Alliance of Countries, is a capitalist union led by nations like Spain, New York, and California.
  • All of Europe is either very weak, German-allied, or are puppet states of Axis powers.




North America

South America



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