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Divided Italy is a TL with this differences:

  • Vittorio Emmanuele II and Giusseppe Garibaldi are killed early on the First War of Italian Independence.
  • The Austrians conquer Piedemont-Sardinia, but are weakened on the long war. Prussia, Russia and the Ottoman Empire pick up upon Austria, causing the dismantelation of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
  • Franz Joseph I of Austria is killed by an assassination attempt by a Hungarian, unlike on OTL.
  • Also, unlike on OTL, the assassination of Franz Joseph I occurred two years later, on 1855.

1848: Death of Vittorio Emmanuele

The Battle of Custoza was the fiercest battle on the First War of Italian Independence. The Austrians, by tactic and numeral superiority, defeated the Sardinians and kill the general and king Vittorio Emmanuele II. A few days later, Giusseppe Garibaldi dies on a ship to Marseilles. This were the OTL unificators of Italy. After some years of fierce war and anarchy, the Austrians conquer Sardinia-Piedemont on 1854. But Franz Joseph I is assassinated on 1855, instead of the OTL attempt, in which he survived and the assassination was on 1853. After his early death, the Austro-Hungarian Empire collapses. Ottomans, Prussians and Russians invade Austria. Galicia was taken by Russia, Bohemia-Moravia by Prussia and Banat, Croatia and Slavonia by the Ottomans. Several nations are made independent. These are:

Also, the Austrian occupation of Sardinia-Piedemont ended.

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