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The conference, after much debate, decides that the time for Germany is over. They have shown themselves incapable of having a unified nation, due to the current state of affairs, and previous experiences. After debate, Germany is divided up, with France, Belgium, Netherlands, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Denmark, and Poland dividing Germany up into administrative zones. The Soviets are none too happy, since this would be strengthening their enemies, but they decide to bide their time.

As the nations move into their zones, they encounter a problem. The Germans are none too happy that their nation is being occupied, and turn their attention from killing each other to killing the "invaders". Before anyone knows what is going on, a full blown rebel insurgency has sprung up in Germany. Fortunately, they aren't acting in concerted efforts yet, so the rebellion could be stopped, but action must be taken quickly. What will happen in Germany?

Germany throws off their oppressors!

The rebellions are foiled.

A central German state is made.

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