Map of North America (Disunited)

Map of North America.

US flag 30 stars

The flag of the United States of America, since 1879.

New England pine flag

The flag of New England.

Flag of the Confederate States of America (1865)

The flag of the Confederate States of America.


The flag of Deseret.

Flag of Cascadia

The proposed flag of Cascadia.

Pine Ridge Flag

The proposed flag of the Lakota Republic.

Flag of Sonora

The proposed flag of the Democratic Republic of Sonora.

Due to a prolonged War of 1812, the America's navy is almost completely demolished within a few years by British sailors. The Hartford Convention idea that New England should secede from the United States is put into play. State leaders co-operate on strict conditions, and the Hartford Convention of 1817 ends with the region of New England seceding from the United States of America. James Monroe loses the 1820 election to James Wilkinson, a War of 1812 hero, by a margin of five electorates. Monroe's popularity was fading due to his mishandling of the already long-lost War of 1812. James Wilkinson originally wanted to annex New England back, but decided against it and instead pushed for economic and military alliances to aid both countries in reconstruction efforts.

In 1848, Lewis Cass, campaigning on the annexation of New England and military intervention fo the liberation of Canada. Due to an electorate tie vote against Zachary Taylor, the House of Representatives appoints Lewis Cass to be president. On his first day in office, Lewis Cass orders the Invasion of New England and sends troops into Canada to fight British Forces. The Invasion of New England is quickly propelled due to an influx of troops to the border after the American election. All remaining troops from the failed invasion of New England are sent to aid the Liberation of Canada. Although the Liberation is called off following the horrendous Battle of Ottawa, a popular uprising inspired by American efforts in 1852 grants Canada and Quebec their independence five years later.

In 1860, John Bell wins the American election after campaigning on individual state rights, running a slander campaign against Breckinridge and Lincoln, and establishing close connections with electorates in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New York. As in the OTL, the Confederate States of America secedes from the Union, but instead in 1862, after many southern state leaders are unimpressed with Bell's failed promises for individual rights. Weakened by the failed wars only a decade ago, the USA puts on a pathetic offensive to conquer the CSA. In 1864, US President Bell resigns, citing his failure to stop the civil war. His vice president, former Secretary of State Edward Everette, becomes the new president. The Civil War is formally brought to an end in 1866, following the writing of a lengthy peace treaty between the two countries.

In 1874, Mormons, who had been trying desperately since 1849 to create their own state, decided they had had enough of failed Congressional hearings, and rebelled to create their own nation, free of US control. Capitalizing off of the wear and tear of recent wars, the Mormons pushed out United States forces from Utah and declared independence. President Ulysses Grant decided not to impose a total invasion of the region, fearing it would spark rebellion in further areas of the country. Instead, the United States did not recognize the Republic of Deseret as a country until 1879, when President Sam Tilden recognized it as an independent state.

As years came and went, many rebellions in North America failed, mostly due to unpopularity for their specific cause. The United States was weakened over the next several decades, and was never prepared for the wave of new popular rebellions in the 1980's and 90's.

As of the year 2012, rebellions are gaining much popularity in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. A peaceful rebellion in British Columbia and Washington State is gaining influence in the provincial government to create the Republic of Cascadia, a dream once long gone for many North American Liberals. In North and South Dakota, Lakota militants are starting to capture entire counties from U.S. Forces, hoping to create the first purely Native American country. The Confederate state of Sonora is being torn apart by civilian and militia factions, some wanting independence, some wanting to be part of the USA. With such instability, it is only a matter of time before the time bomb of North American civilization finally goes off.