• Soviet Union Breaks up
  • Texas independence party is formed


  • The Texas independence party forms a militia
  • After four LAPD officers are acquitted for their accused beating of a black man, riots break out in California. 
  • California begins an independence movement.
  • Bill Clinton defeats incumbent George H.W. Bush for the Presidency.


  • Clinton takes office as President
  • A bombing occurs in the parking lot of the World Trade Center in New York. 
  • A 51 day standoff occurs in Waco, Texas, after agents raid a Branch Davidian compound for illegal firearms. In total, 91 people die. The Texas Independence Party becomes outraged, as they claim that the US government has infringed the constitutional freedom of religion and right to bear arms.
  • Two of the four LAPD officers are sentenced to 30 days in jail by a federal judge. The California independence movement becomes upset that not all of them were convicted, and that it was such a minor penalty.
  • Wildfires begin in California, which become extremely destructive, and mishandled according to the California independence movement. 
  • The Nation of Hawaii, a Hawaiian secessionist movement, occupies Kaupo Beach near Makapu'u.


  • A major earthquake hits near Los Angeles, killing over 70 people and leaving thousands homeless. Again, the California independence movement claims that the government has not handled the situation well enough.
  • In Bill Clinton's State of the Union address, he calls for a ban on civilian assault rifles. The Texas Independence Party calls for his impeachment for his unconstitutional acts.
  • OJ Simpson is chased by LAPD officials for murder. This would later further the California Independence movement's accusations of incompetence of the government.
  • George W. Bush is elected as governor of Texas. The republicans, lead by Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, gain control of both houses.
  • The Texas Independence Party wins two seats in the Texas House of Representatives, marking their first political success.


  • Following a Mexican financial issue, Bill Clinton grants a $20 billion loan to Mexico to prevent economic collapse. This is wildly critisized by the Texas Independence Party. 
  • The Texas Independence Party begins the signing of a petition for an Independent Texas. By the end of 1995, they already have 60,000 signatures mainly from people in Dallas, Austin, Houston, and El Paso.
  • The Oklahoma City bombings occur. 
  • O.J. Simpson is found not guilty.
  • A major rally is held for the Texas Independence Party in Austin. With over 20,000 people present, the rally gains national attention. 


  • The California Independence movement and Nation of Hawaii each become official parties. 
  • At the Olympics in Atlanta, a major bombing occurs.
  • The 1996 elections occur. Texas, with a growing group of people feeling against the current government, ends up split with about 34% voting for Ross Perot's reform party, 41% Bob Dole and the GOP, and 28% for Bill Clinton. This is the closest a third party had come to winning a state in a very long time, and it was Texas. Clinton remains President.
  • In the Texas elections, the Texas Independence Party gains 4 seats in the state Senate and 11 seats in the state House of Representatives, becoming a major influence on the politics of Texas. They also get one US representative. The Texas Independence Party describes themselves as an extreme party. They are far left on some issues, far right on others.
  • The Nation of Hawaii Party also makes gains, with one state senator and three representatives. No gains in California.


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