The Americans invade Germany.The attack is going well and England is liberated with the U.K. restored.Now Russia begins attacking Germany.WW3 begins.

The Americans decide to invade France.However,they capture only Normandy with Paris and Orleans fortified.The Americans attack Brittany and capture it.Now they are preparing for the Liberation of France.

The Americans decide to attack Aquintaine.Unprepared the Germans lose Aquintaine.In an attack on Burgundy,the Americans take Burgundy.Surprised the Germans start to fortify Soissons but America takes it first.An invasion of Paris begins and in a fierce battle the Germans are betrayed and it falls. Orleans follows suit.The Americans and their allies are faced with a choice.What do they do?

Invade Germany

Attack Spain

Invade Axis Italy

Trick the Germans into attacking Italy

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