This is the diplomacy page for the The Third Reich Stands (Map Game).

Third Reich Stands

Union of Soviet India / People's Republic of India



Union of Soviet Socialist Republics


Large Man Power Reserves, plentiful oil and coal resources and allied with PRI/USI.


Poor relations with most nations

Islamic Kingdom of Persia


Large amounts of people, unwavering belief in Islam which binds the nation together, long history, able to recruit Islamic radicals, large amonts of oil, people are natural fighters.


Radical Islamist may attack government, people are begining to be tired of the dramas of a monarchy, military made of mostly irregulars, very small industrial base, next to no tanks or heavy weapons of any sort, small air force, small professional army, no navy or marines.

United States of America


Large manpower reserve, nuclear weapons, good scientific research, many factories, good relations


takes a long time for changes, orders and other government business to go through Congress, low oil resources, slightly bad economy.

Democratic Republic of Brazil



Empire of Japan

Pros -

Massive manpower reserve, large amount of resources, large Navy, large Army, and Nuclear Weapons.

Cons -

Poor relations with Communist nations, Communist Rebels fighting against Japanese rule in several China, and poor Scientific Research.

Third Reich

Pros -

This country has nuclear armaments and a great and powerful army. Also has good relationships with the fascist or anti-communist nations (some of those are Germany's puppets). It's in redemocratization process, and now it endures the minorities. It has a good technological level.


Even so, the country still been a dictatorship. It is unpopular between the masses. Germany has bad relationships with the communist countries and themost of the democratic nations. It's dependent of its puppets and allies. There is disputes between different groups of the party.


Pros- Experienced jungle fighters. Have support of locals. Several high rankng officers trained in Soviet Union.

Cons- Little to no aid from other countries. Out of date weaponry. Having to resort to guirilla warfare.

Berber Rebels


Have support of locals. Experienced in warfare, incergancy so hard to kill. Use of shock and awe. Strong leader.


Out of date weapons. No outside support. Limited non-suicide operational sphere.

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