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Bulgaria is currently focused on building economic and militaristic power as well as international relations. There are chances of political turmoil from the Communists. The economy is weak. The military is also stable.



Bulgaria is a Constitutional Monarchy.

  • Monarch - Boris III
  • Prime Minister - Alexander Daskalov

Bulgarian National Front

Political Parties

Bulgaria has a unicameral parliament with 160 seats in total. However the Prime Minister has ultimate power.

  • Bulgarian National Front - 65 seats
  • Popular Bloc - 41 seats
  • Democratic Alliance-National Liberal Party - 24 seats
  • Bulgarian Communist Party - 22 seats
  • Radical Democratic Party - 3 seats
  • Socialist Federation - 2 seats
  • United Labour Social Democratic Party - 1 seat
  • United Popular Progressive Party - 1 seat
  • Independents - 1 seats

International Relations

Bulgaria is looking for allies.

  • Alliances: United Kingdom, Romania, Brazil and Persia
  • Favours: Germany, France, Greece
  • Non-Aggression Pact:
  • Watch List:
  • At war: Yugoslavia, Turkey, Italy, Hungary


Natural Resources

Bulgaria has little exploitation on its natural resources.

  • Arable Land: high exploitation
  • Bauxite: weak exploitation (increasing)
  • Coal: weak exploitation (increasing)
  • Copper: stable exploitation (increasing)
  • Lead: weak exploitation (increasing)
  • Timber: stable exploitation
  • Zinc: stable exploitation (increasing)


Industry in Bulgaria is weak and focused mainly on farming.


  • Farming: stable (increasing)
  • Mining: stable (increasing)


  • Textile Manufacturing: stable (increasing)
  • Consumer Goods Manufacturing: weak (increasing)
  • Small Arms Manufacturing: stable (increasing)
  • (heavy industry building)


  • Education: strong
  • Healthcare: weak


Bulgaria's finances are currently considered to be stable with a risk of becoming unstable.

  • Inflation: high
  • Currency: weak
  • Taxes: stable
  • Debt: stable


Bulgaria has negative trade income.

  • Trade Agreements:
  • Tariffs: high
  • Export: low
  • Import: high


Land Forces

Bulgaria has a weak army that is mainly supplied from Germany. A draft has occurred.

  • No conscription
  • Highly Trained
  • 50,000 Troops
  • Infantry Weapons: stable tech (bolt action)
  • Vehicles: stable tech (armoured cars)
  • Support Weapons: stable tech (light artillery)


Bulgaria has a weak navy that is self sufficient. A draft has occurred

  • No conscription
  • Highly Trained
  • 3,000 Troops
  • Light Ships: stable tech (patrol boats)
  • Heavy Ships: none
  • Capital Ships: none

Air Force

Bulgaria has a stable air force that is mainly supplied from the United Kingdom. A draft has occurred.

  • No Conscription
  • Highly Trained
  • 3,000 Troops
  • Light Aircraft: advanced tech (fighter)
  • Heavy Aircraft: advanced tech (close air support)
  • Support Aircraft: weak tech (few)


Spain is currently in a civil war. But a brand-new, pro-Nazi dictator is about to come into power and strike down this rebellion!

PROS: Good relations with Germany, Spanish soldiers well-equipped

CONS: Currently in civil war, poor civil rights record, poor relations with neighbors

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Hungary is focusing on rebuilding it's country to it's former glory, since it's catastrophic loss in World War I. The economy has grown pretty well, while it's nowhere near Germany or the United State's economic power, it's still grown, and is richer than most of it's neighbours (with the exception of Germany of course.) The country's military has very well equipped and powerful, having massive arms factories all over the country.



The Kingdom of Hungary is a Fascist Regency, with Miklós Horthy has the country's self-appointed King, since he rose to power during the country's troublesome first years.

  • King: Miklós Horthy
  • Prime Minister: Kálmán Darányi

International Relations

  • Alliances: Germany, Italy, Turkey, Yugoslavia, Spain, Sweden, Slovakia (Actually a Puppet State), France
  • Non-Aggression Pact: Japan (unconfirmed)
  • No Diplomatic Relations: Brazil, Romania, United Kingdom, Persia, Bulgaria, Greece, Norway
  • Currently At War: None at Moment


  • Natural Resources: Disturbingly little. Dependant on Germany and Yugoslavia (parts of Yugoslavia make up former Hungarian resources)
  • Industry: Mainly focuses on building structures and military machines like tanks, APVs and rifles, from German iron. Farming makes up the most jobs outside of military.
  • Finances: A better state than most surrounding countries, and relatively stable, but not as wealthy as other more developed European countries.
  • Trade: Imports more than Exports. Agriculture makes up most of the Imports, though hopefully, Fegyver- és Gépgyártó, Hungary's federal firearms developer, and developer of the Royal Hungarian Army's service rifle, the FÉG 35M, plans to begin selling the rifle to Hungary's allies, with offers given to allies, Yugoslavia and Sweden as potential buyers.


Royal Hungarian Army (Magyar Királyi Honvédség)

  • Conscription applies to all males 16-50, with exceptions to the Upper Class.
  • Highly trained, and very nationalistic.
  • In Battle: 250,000
    • Franco-Italian War: 195,000
    • Swedish-Nordic War: 55,000
  • Active (Stationed at Home): 105,000
  • Reserve: 700,000 (Hungarian: 550,000, Slovak: 150,000)
  • Service Rifle: FÉG 35M (Bolt-Action)
  • Service Pistol: Frommer Stop (Semi-Automatic)
  • Vehicles:
    • Light Tanks: 1,200 (Fiat M11/39, LT vz 35, Panzer I)
    • Medium Tanks: 1,050 (Ikarus MT-37, LT vz 38, Panzer IV)
    • Heavy Tanks: 300 (Turán III)
    • APV: 2,150 (Ikarus PA-36, Leichter Panzerspähwagen)

Royal Hungarian Air Force (Magyar Királyi Honvéd Légierő)

  • New Pilots are encouraged, both men and women are allowed to join the Air Force.
  • Pilots are trained in the Luftwaffe method, often doing joint training exercizes alongside the Luftwaffe and the Aeronautica.
  • 3,500 pilots available, along with 4,000 engineers or non-pilots.
  • About 800 aircrafts of varying types available.

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