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Timeline: Raj Karega Khalsa

OTL equivalent: National Capital Territory of India
Red Fort
Red Fort
Country Punjab
Area 11,297 km²
Population 2,424,525
Language Delhvi, Punjabi

Dilli (Delhvi: दिल्ली, Punjabi: ਦਿੱਲੀ) is the largest city of Punjab in terms of area. Unlike other cities in Punjab, Dilli is not apart of any subah.

Dilli has been continuously inhabited since the 6th century BC. Through most of its history, Dilli has served as a capital of various kingdoms and empires. It has been captured, ransacked and rebuilt several times, particularly during the medieval period, and the modern Dilli is a cluster of a number of cities spread across the metropolitan region. This is why Dilli is sometimes called the city of cities.

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