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In this ATL, we'll explore the dynamics of a world mostly colonized by Portugal instead of Spain. In this timeline Spain and Portugal signed the treaty of Tordesillas but due to their ignorance of the massive western hemisphere, Portugal accidentaly got a massive stake in the New World. Also, the discoveries of both countries that were made by each country in OTL are reversed in this ATL.


In 1494, it became clear to the Spaniards and the Portuguese that conflicts would arise regarding the New World. So Pope Alexander VI sat the Kings of Aragon and Portugal down to carve pieces of the world for Portugal and Spain. They came up with a map like the one above. They didn't know,however, how truly massive the Americas were so Portugal inadverdently got a large stake in America. Spain received colonizing rights in OTL Brazil, parts of Africa, and parts of India.



Portugal and Spain sign the Treaty of Tordesillas and the known New World is carved into Portuguese and Spanish territories to be colonized later.

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