1563: The war in the north ends up sour for Denmark-Norway with strategic blows of Swedish military taking Norway and the besieging of Copenhagen which ended up with Denmark giving all its lands and colonies to Sweden or face extinction. Denmark gave up and like the colonies they resisted, for a while but the Swedish supreme commander made all the colonies and even Denmark loyal. Through extreme methods.

1600-1603: The Great Northern War start with Russian attack against Sweden and the formation of the Coalition consisting off Tsardom of Russia, Poland-Lithuania, and some free cities of the Holy Roman Empire. Sweden's new strategy is to not rush into Russia without preparation like the last ones who tried to invade Russia. The Baltic falls to Sweden and pressure Russia, Poland-Lithuania and some free cities to act before it's to late. But this was calculated and the Swedish decided where the battle where going to take place.

And a few new barbaric strategy was invented. 1) Hit n' Run: which sabotaged the Russian and Poland-Lithuania supplies and re-enforcement. 2) Ambush and hidden long distance troopers which made it harder for soldiers to attack and halted their attack. Poland-Lithuania was now desperate not to fall to the Swedish and tried to join Russia, but when the letter about the idea the Swedish army had occupied all of Poland-Lithuania.

Almost with no struggle the northern part of the Holy Roman Empire is occupied (Inc. Belgium, Netherlands and north western France) Russia has requested a peace treaty but Sweden do not accept. This angers the British as they are the trade partner with Russia and not Sweden. A fleet is launched to blockade the Baltic sea and pressure the Swedes to stop the war. But the Swedes has long worked on their fleet and was ready to stop the British blockade in one decisive strike. On land cannons were put up and missiles from the medieval times. The British had two flaws. 1) They hadn't adopted to the new steam driven ship which were more effective but were a lot dirtier. 2) The British ships were made out of wood and Sweden had firstly built a fleet made out of steel (like the ships from the early 20th century.) And all ships were armed with Byzantine fire that easily destroyed their wooden ships.

The attack started at dawn when it was most expected and in the same time not, so when the Swedish ship used missiles from land and obliterated the northern part of the fleet and made a hole the iron fleet used. The cannons from the British made some damage but not enough. Soon half the British navy was on fire and all the re-enforcement that arrived later were to be destroyed. But an unexpected ally arrived, France who launched a great fleet against the Swedes and the tide were about to turn as all ammo on the Swedish ship were soon out. But the combined German navy, loyal to Sweden attacked from the back all the ships were quickly destroyed. Not a ship from France or the UK made it. France and the UK combined all their forces to attack but some years later when they recovered from the blow.

The way to conquer Russia was first the way how to advance into the heart of Russia. They built small camps on a straight road which Sweden's army built. all cities were destroyed so the Swedes couldn't advance according to the Russian generals but supplies were delivered from Sweden and very efficiently. when Moskva was finally captured and the Tsar Peter had been given over to the Swedes by his own people, a treaty was signed which gave all the land that the Russian predecessor had conquered over to the Swedes and were now a threat to the rest of Europe.

1610-1611: France and the UK strikes at western Germany to control the beast they accidentally unleashed. But Sweden used their ally Scotland to send troop to Ireland and create a diversion. It goes very well. Scotland also attacks England, Ireland falls to Swedish hands. France try to fight off Sweden's puppet states and their Italian/German allies. Both France and England goes into financial crisis and stops their attacks. Sweden accept their defeat but doesn't stop Scotland from their war of independence, just to make sure England doesn't attack again soon. Southern Germany unites. (Switzerland, Czech republic, Germany) Sweden support their ally and continue by uniting Italy (Italy, south eastern France, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Albania, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Bosnia)

The German Empire (put into power 1632)

Flag of the German Empire

Flag of the German Empire

The Italian Empire (put into power 1637)

Italian facsist aztec

Italian flag

Sweden also needed a controlled voice in the Baltics. This is where the Austria-Hungary empire came onto the scene as a puppet state to Sweden. (Austria, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine and Bulgaria)

The Austrian-Hungarian Empire (put into power 1643)

Flag of Austria-Hungary (1869-1918)

Austrian-Hungarian flag

1653-1700: The colonization on America and Africa starting with the superior Swedish occupy all the Northern and central American continent. But with Africa they occupied all the Southern, central, western and eastern Austria parts of Africa.

The Italian Empire, The German Empire and the Austrian-Hungarian Empire made Swedish royal family members their Imperial leaders.

Spain and France goes into an alliance to colonise the Southern American continent but will first need to make sure that Sweden will not invade them and attack England (Note that it's not the UK but England now after the loose of Ireland, Scotland and recently Wales) their attack make critical damage in the British already ruined economy and seeks some kind of solution but is to damaged to do anything.

Italy Invades Spain while Germany takes on France. Sweden stops the Scottish war as the recent king thinks it has gone a bit too far as the people in England are dying. France surrendered a bit of their land to keep their economy alive for a while more. Italy (under order by the Swedish senate and parliament) takes northern Africa and all the eastern Spain. Sweden form a puppet State in China, Japan, Korea and India.

The Greater Chinese Empire. (The Chinese got the North, Northwestern, Central and Eastern Chinese regions. Plus Mongolia and Taiwan)

The Greater Japanese Empire (The Japanese got the entire Japan and some Pacific islands to control)

The Greater Korean Empire (The Koreans got all of Korea and some north eastern China regions)

The People's Republic of India (The Indians was given all of India, Tibet, Bangladesh, Nepal, Burma, Bhutan, Pakistan and Sri Lanka)

France got a weak hold on southeastern Asia and gave their Australian continent to Sweden. The only rival now was the Ottoman Empire which had a very good and old relation with Sweden but were in a civil war with a religious leader who wants to start a war against the Swedish as a revenge for unknown reasons. Sweden gladly joined the Royal family to destroy the opposition against their ally and themselves.

1800: France and Spain joins together their remnants and form the Franco-Spanish commonwealth. England recover due to the supervision of Sweden, who also as an act of kindness gave back some land that Germany and Italy took but not all since that would be a sign of weakness.

This was a time of prosperity and peace to Sweden and the Swedish government wanted to keep it that way. But a new group were threatening that peace. The Anarchists. But their influence wouldn't take shape for about a hundred years.

The beginning

1908: The Fallen Fist. An Anarchist organisation developed in Austria-Hungary (AH) begins to take it's influence in Serbia. A nation south-east of Austria-Hungary which have a bitter relations with the empire. The organisation has been branded an enemy of both countries and a witch hunt begins, which results with thousands dead and tens of thousands who will be put to investigation.

1909: The Fallen Fist loose it's influence instead of increasing like it was calculated to do. And on the sixth of April, the entire group disappears in time and the police force dealing with the anarchist threat. The imperial police department. who operated in both Serbia and AH is the strongest thing that unite the nations. Soon the IPD becomes the official police in both nations and is slowly but safely create a friendship between the nations.

1910: Serbia joins the AU while the Ottoman empire struggle with insurgency and defectors. Forcing the Ottoman to expand west into Europe. The Spanish-France commonwealth (SF) joins the English in an alliance. Since they are not allowed to join the iron alliance (Sweden and its puppet states) Most of South America are under SP control. The Ottoman Sultan feel left behind by Sweden and leaves the Iron alliance, only to join up with the SP and the English.

New military advances were created such as the airplane, Zeppelin, tank, deadly gas, rifles, machine gun, sniper and many other things that revolutionised warfare. But Sweden were the ones that created all these things and they didn't like to share these new toys so early, so as Sweden was the most modern army in the world they had the power to conquer the world a thousand times over while the other couldn't do anything but stand by.

1911: England is a recognised power in Europe and wants to rival SF and get the favour of the Iron alliance.

1913: AH has begun to follow their own order ever since Serbia joined and Sweden gets worried. The German Reichstag orders the immediate attention of the AH and it's that Sweden should take command in AH. Austria-Hungary submits to the greater Swedish presence in their country as tension grows.

1914: The Russian Empire is formed as a puppet-state. Since the official languish and culture is now and forever Swedish, thanks to the leadership of controlled Russian government.

Flag of Russia

Russian flag

1915: During their moment of greatness, England goes to war against SF, even though they were allies and takes the northern part of France occupied under the English army. Spain uses their fleet to trade with Italy but lose their fleet quickly with the English navy destroying all ships who trade with Spain - which would prove a disaster since they attacked Italian and Swedish trade ships. France requests help from Germany who made demands which the French don't accept claiming that "We're not that desperate yet!" Germany stops trading with France that had an unfortunate outcome. The Ottoman Empire was forced to react as a sign of strength to their people. A bitter conflict starts between the Ottomans and the Austria-Hungarians. Since the AH didn't prepare, the Ottomans got far into the Balkans but Sweden would not tolerate this and used their small military force there to stop the conflict. The Ottomans were on a spree which they did not calculate. So when offers of peace came from the Swedes, and the sultan declined the offer, Sweden was forced to protect their puppet state.

Germany's response was to go to war against France - and Sweden had to cast the Spanish out of America.