300px-Winter war

Finnish-soviet soldiers during attack in northern England

== Different Alliances==



  • February 4: Group of enterprisers, officials and army officers met in Ashcroft mansion in Texas. Coup against left-wing government of president Roosevelt is agreed.
  • February 14: Andrei Navrchov arrived to Ukrainian military district HQ and met with commanders Kamenev, I. Jakir and M. Jakir. Navrchov is promoted to kombrig (commander of brigade) and appointed as commander of 41st Motorifle brigade near Khakhiv.
    Josef V. Stalin met with commander of OGPU Jagoda and discuting about preparation of Great Purge. He decided to eliminate Leningrad military district commanding.
  • February 15: Kombrig Navrchov inspecting his military base and found disastrous condition with very weak personal staff. He is fury and contacting corps commander Putna.
    During night group of high-ranking soviet military officers include commanders Tukhachevsky, Jakirs, Shaposhnikov and others, met in Minsk. They are gathering army officers dislikes Stalin regime and want to press on next party congress to put down Stalin and elect new democratic leadership.
  • February 18: Navrchov with few other army officers and members of diplomatic corps of people commissariat of foreign affairs fly to United States of America to start arms and industry trades with USA.
  • February 19: Armed fascist group attacked and conquered police HQ in Washington D.C., General Ironside (military leader of anti-Roosevelt coup) established central military base and doing final preparations for coup.
    During Soviet-American trade talks, fascists army under Ironside commanding attacking against Washington D.C. and U.S. military armored corps encircled Capitol and White House. President Roosevelt was captured and soviet delegation arrested with Navrchov, Litvinov (commissar of foreign affairs) and other soviet officals.
    Fascist-capitalists leader Ashcroft establishing National Patriotic Front as political group of coup regime.
  • February 21: Winston Churchill sent secret letter to new fascist-military government in Washington. He agree with new regime and supporting new government.
    Navrchov wife Daria and his son Vasily and daughter Lena are arrested by NKVD and their husband-father is called "traitor of socialism"(because he was arrested by fascists). They are sent to GULAG labour camp.
  • February 26: Ashcroft and his minister of foreign affairs di Fabio created plan to unite United States military regime, fascist Italia and Nazi Germany to big anti-soviet and anti-western European pact.
  • March 12: army commander Shaposhnikov informed commander Jagod about "secret death list". List with names of highest political and secret-police leaders of USSR which will be eliminate. Jagoda found his name on list. He gave order to arrest and kill Stalin-loyal NKVD officers in Leningrad where is Stalin position extremely weak.
  • March 17: Secret meeting between American and Nazi officials. They agreed with top-secret military coalition against "British idiots, French frog eaters and bolshevik hordes".
    Navrchov and soviet delegation are freed from captivity. Stalin paid for them seven million dollars plus one tank battalion of T-26's.
    Navrchov found his house destroyed by OGPU and his family kidnapped by secret police. He going to ill.
  • March 23: Ashcroft agreed with large military-industrial plan of minister Northwood to create massive military-industrial facilities and start rebuilding and modernize United States Army.
  • March 24: Congress of Conservative Party in Great Britain led to fall Chamberleins "left-wing" leadership and to create new "right-wing" leadership of Winston H. Churchill. Churchill openly declared support to American Fascist regime.
  • March 25: Kombrig Navrchov returned to duty after ill. He rebuilding military base and eliminating corrupted "officers" in his staff. Kombrig met with kombrig Levandovsky and kombat (commander of battalion) Natasha Shevchenkova.
    Heydrich and Himmler agreed with plan to sponsor British Fascist militants. United States Army secure navy support to help British Fascists.
  • April 7: Navrchov officer staff from Caucasian Military District and Far-East Military District arrived to his base, include young talented commander Zhukov.
    Same day, commander Tukhachevsky met with Sergei M. Kirov, popular communist leader from Leningrad. Kirov agreed with speech extreme critical speech against Stalin leadership.
  • April 8: Navrchov, Levandovsky and Shevchenkova arrived to new secret meeting of soviet army officers dislikes Stalin regime. They are supporting anti-Stalin officer group. Tukhachevsky and other commanders want to takeover power over Revvoensovet (Revolutionary military committee).
  • November 2: First large pack of weapons and ammunition and group of military advisors from Nazi Germany and United States Army arrived to Wales and met with fascist resistance leaders. They are starting with supporting Fascist rebels.
  • November 8: Stalin met with Jagoda and Yezhov. He knew about Jagoda support to anti-Stalin opposition and suspect also Yezhov. Jagod was kill by secret police soldiers and Yezhov found a truth about Stalin tsarist past and Stalin works for Okhrana (Tsar's secret police) on Caucasus. Yezhov is execute by Beria.
    Stalin got information about situation in Leningrad and however to his mistake, all to-him loayal OGPU officers were execute.
  • December 17: Wave of massive terrorist anti-government, anti-liberal and anti-communist actions terrorize whole Great Britain and Ireland. Winston Churchill decide to invite U.S. military forces and advisors to Great Britain.


  • January 5: First meeting of Revvoensovet in 1937 begin. Tukhachevsky have support from Jakir and Commander Yegorov group. He also got support from Budyonny, because Budyonny found his name on list of death wrote by Stalin. Voroshilov and "Stalin clique"(Schadekyn, Kulik, Shaposhnikov-double agent, Voroshilov and Budyonny) are expelled from Soviet High Commanding.
    After expelling of stalinist group, Tukhachevsky and other commanders prepared plan to large modernisation and remilitarisation of Red Army include build massive tank corps with hundreds new modern tanks T-26 and BT-2.
  • February 7: 17th Party Congress became the most important event for Soviet Union and world in many years. Kirov speech brutal and radical criticism against Stalin leadership and Communist Party leadership, including criticism of GULAG, slave working and murdering opposition leaders. Stalin is shocked and most of Party and also large part of low-ranks leadership celebrating Kirov as savior.
    February 8: Congress goes to electing new leadership, but meeting is disrupted. Group of Stalin agents placed explosives to Congress building. Explosion killed commanders Putna and Yegorov. Tukhachevsky and Gaj are hurt. Other commanders, party officials and Kirov were evacuated because Beria warned Congress about bomb. Beria died during explosions and fire in congress palace.
    Red Army mobilised and starting offensive against "rifle regiments" of new born NKVD. Situation on Ukraine is near civil-war. Zhukov and Shevchenkova armoured units defending Navrchov base. NKVD forces attacking against Putna commanding center and during fight killing commander Putna. Zhukov tank counter-attack stopped NKVD "offensive" and eliminate large part of NKVD units on Ukraine. Uborevich forces on Belarus eliminated NKVD death and rifle squads in Belarus SSR. Centralasian and Far-East soviet units of commander Blyukher liberating whole regions from NKVD terror and also liberating Stalin GULAG´s.
    Navrchov and Tukhachevsky leading soviet tank units against Stalin villa in Kuntzev. Stalin son Yakov and daughter Svetlana defecting to new soviet leadership. Second son Vasily defending father villa with last few fanatical NKVD units. Stalin committed suicide and one of T-26 hit his office and killing commander Vlasik, chief of Stalin personal elite units.
    February 14: Situation in USSR is stabile. New leadership under Kirov and Litvinov leading started large democratic and economical reforms. Bukharin and Kirov writing new constitution, so-called Soviet Democratic Constitution 1934/1. They warrant freedom of speech, newspapers and political movements. They also invite left-wing parties(Social-revolutionaries, anarchists, jews socialists and mensheviks) to new relative free elections. To "Supreme Soviet" can be nominated Independents and Communist Party candidates. Other parties candidates are still prohibit, but they have influence on highest policy through independent candidates. Kolkhoz are disband and collectivized land going back to hands of poor peasants. Rising of little enterprises and sole-traders. Workers can create independent trade-unions and new left-wing parties. New leadership also declared they ideas to eliminate Fascist danger for whole world and fight against American fascist regime.
    Voroshilov, Kaganovich and Molotov are arrested and sentec for live for betraying socialism. Soviet government ban capital punishment.
    Navrchov is awarded for his service during Stalin fall and he got his second Order of Red Banner from new commander of 15th Army after Putna death, Alexander Matievich Nikonov.
    In London, Churchill met with United States Ambassador Howard and Howard agreed with military support for Britain. United States going to send 150,000 soldiers with 400 tanks and armoured vehicles, to secure all important British government, industrial and economical centers for help British army against fascist rebels.
  • Spring - summer: Rebuilding good-relations between Soviet Union and other countries. Soviet Union sent gift to Finland(120 new tanks T-26 and BT-5, Finland going to have elite armoured forces). Soviet military advisors and supplies going to Latvia, Estonia and Romania. Bad relations still with Poland and Lithuania.
    Reformation of soviet government and communist party and end of communist terror in Russia and hatred propaganda in foreign communist parties led to large rise of radical-left wing and communists organisations in whole world. In Spain communist government have large support from whole population and with soviet support building and modernising republican army.


  • August 17: J. Ashcroft died. Control over Patriots Committee(secret government in USA) took his son Roman Ashcroft.
  • May 5: French "Fronte Populare" totally fail in elections and got just 20%. "Fronte Nacionale" supporting fascists and nazis got 57% and start reforming France to fascist totalitarian state.
  • July 11: German, Italian and American generals met with Spanish generals in Morocco. United States going to sponsor new fascist uprising against democratically elected left-wing republican government.
  • July 22: Top secret meeting of Revvoensovet. Tukhachevsky with A. Einstein and A. Sakharov want to start research of nuclear weapons. After discussion, Revvoensovet strong disagree with nuclear weapons research because of high budget. Tukhachevsky and Jakir failed in their argumentation and also Navrchov disagree with research. Only 10 of 55 members of Revvoensovet supporting research. Civil nuclear research going on under people commissariat of science and people commissariat of industry.
    Revvoensovet agree with plan to send military contingent to republican Spain to help republican socialist government. Commanding over contingent got Navrchov with his staff officers Levandovsky and Shevchenkova. Main part of contingent will be 41st Motorifle brigade, 61st tank brigade and 117.elite rifle division. Zhukov 9th tank brigade will be independent army unit.
    Navrchov agreed with commanding of army corps. He also request new proposal for Revvoensovet, to create "Staff of Pre-emptive Action" against nazis Germany, fascist Italia and France and their allies. Revvoensovet agreed and also supporting proposal of commissar Litvinov to create "European Defense Coalition" of USSR and other countries endangered by fascist coalition.
    Tukhachevsky and Revvoensovet accepted plan for get women to army and create independent women army units.
  • July 24: Churchill met with Thomas Inskip, secretary of defence. Churchill stopped to trust USA and decided to transport all government objects to northern Scotland, where is American presence weakest.
  • July 25: Andrei Navrchov and Natasha Shevchenkova definitely established relationship. They are interrupted by Semion Budyonny who want go fight to Republican Spain, for his last military action as cavalry commander. Navrchov agreed.
  • July 28: Republican militia with soviet artillery in Puerto Real successfully destroyed large part of German Nazi flotilla, but German marines landed near Puerto Real and conquered city. However for Nazis, admiral Reader died during fight with republicans and also two elite cutting-edge-technologies battleships were destroyed by artillery fire.

    Soviet tank T-26 in Spain

  • July 29: Soviet army units arrived to Barcelona and they are celebrated as saviors and heroes for Spain people. Soviet units going arrive to fronts and support republican armed forces.
  • August 1: Winston Herbert Spencer Churchill is arrested by American secret intelligence soldiers and officers. He was send to Tower Prison. Government leadership rapidly took his colleague and continuing with evacuation of British army and government centers to Scotland.
  • August 2: Joachim von Ribbentrop visited France and met with fascist prime-minister and president. They agreed with military coalition against "bolshevik hordes and British idiots".
  • August 4: First meeting of "Staff of Pre-emptive action". Writing basic documents and prepairing transfer of central-asian divisions to Belarus and Ukraine.
  • August 5: Czechoslovakian parliament agreed with soviet military presence in Czechoslovakia republic and starting with elimination nazi Freikorps.
  • August 8: First Red Army large clash with German and Spanish fascist units near Cordoba. Soviet units halted enemy offensive and eliminated large parts of enemy forces. However, commander Shevchenkova is killed and commander Navrchov heavily wounded. Also commander of cavalry corps Budyonny died during fight. Soviet have large casualties, but fascist forces were totally annihilated.
  • August 9: Soviet offensive on north successfully eliminated near all fascist forces. Commander Zhukov and his tank brigade destroyed 4 heavely fortified enemy bases and large gathering points. Fascists lost thousands soldiers.
  • August 12: First summit of European Defense Coalition. Soviet proposals are welcomed by near all delegates and all countries(some with little resistance) supporting soviet policy against west fascist bloc. Czechoslovakia, Poland, Romania, Baltic countries, Yugoslavia, Finland and Norway sending their army officers to Soviet Union for training. Sweden mobilising their navy.
  • August 14: Navrchov promoted to comdiv(commander of division) and participating in battles on northern front. Zhukov tank brigades eliminated Gijon military garrison and secured shores areas.


  • February 3: British government leader Inskip wrote letter to soviet leadership where he desperately asks for soviet military support to Britain.
  • February 7: Red Army divisions arrived to Prague, Bucurest, Warsava, Athens and other capitals city of European Defense Coalition.
  • February 11: Final offensive against fascist forces in Spain. Red Army brigades attacked and conquered areas near Puerto Real. British soldiers from Gibraltar military garrison attacked on Puerto Real and asks soviets for help. Soviets sent one rifle brigade to help british units. Zhukov and Levandovsky units going to attack against Puerto Real. Young commander Rokossovsky became member of Navrchov officers staff. Krivoshein tank brigade encircled parts of Puerto Real. Levandovsky units liberated city Estepona and eliminated all fascist forces in local rular areas.
    British air fighters Hawker Hurricane bombing Puerto Real. British artillery fire killed generals Emilio Mola and Francisco Franco, leaders of spanish fascist forces.
    Soviet navy arrived near Puerto Real and liberated last fascist occupied city.
    However, after victory, french and Germany army crossed French-Spain border and with massive military formations attacked against weak republican army and surprised soviet units.
    During attack on Puerto Real, Zhukov was heavily wounded and sent to hospital. Moscow gave order to evacuation soviet armed forces from Spain republic.
  • February 13: Meeting of Revvoensovet and EDC top-ranked officers. Tukhachevsky repeat his referation about Red Army situation and situation in EDC armies. He congratulate to Czechoslovakia and Poland for good quality armies.
  • Night February 13 - 14: 2nd top secret Revvoensovet meeting with Kirov participation. Meeting is informed about Churchill arrest and biological military research. Doctor Roschak informing Revvoensovet about Celinograd Military Research Facility and Revvoensovet decided for support research against fascist armies. They also agreed with operation to rescue prime minister Churchill and elimination german secret research facility near Munchen.
    Blyukher and scientists informing Revvoensovet about secret nuclear military research in Blyukher Far-Eastern Military District and about creating nuclear bomb against direct orders of Revvoensovet. Red Army have 3 atomic bombs. Navrchov, as critic and skeptic against nuclear weapons, is promoted to Chief Inspector of Nuclear Military Research and Weapons Facilities.
  • February 15: Navrchov inspecting Arzamas nuclear facility. Soviets doing radio-logical experiments on civilians and Zhukov supporting it.
  • April 8: Soviet successfully tested first nuclear bomb. Commander Ivanevsky died during test according Zhukov instructions. He was sent to close area near nuclear "ground-zero". He and hundreds other Soviet soldiers and officers died. Zhukov is assaulted by Navrchov.
  • April 9: Zhukov force Navrchov to write letter celebrating nuclear weapon research and building of nuclear weapons.
  • April 19: American Liberation Army, democratic armed resistance movement, started terrorist and armed assaults campaigning against army and government militia. They are declaring war for democracy, against tyranny.
  • April 22: German research facility near Munchen was destroy by Soviet elite unit. Large explosions with poison clouds from fire of chemical weapons had 75 000 civilian casualties. But German weapon of mass destruction research was effective eliminated.
  • May 4: Largest navy assault in this year. EDC navy under Orlov commanding fought against Kriegsmarinee under commanding of Admiral Dönitz. Both, Orlov and Dönitz, died during fight and Soviet heavy cruiser Kirov was damage, but whole German flotilla was destroy by soviet and EDC navy.
  • May 5: Red Army landed in northern Scotland. Dozen of soviet elite divisions unite with british forces and building defense of northern Britain.
  • May 10: On Churchill Defense Line, Navrchov trying to murder Zhukov as revenge for Ivanevsky, but Zhukov betrayed USSR and collaborated with Nazis. Nazi elite paratrooper commando arrested Navrchov and then, as thanks, murdered Zhukov.
  • December 1: Revvoensovet accepted last version of "Pre-emptive Action plan". In attack will participate 7,500,000 soviet and EDC soldiers with 80,000 tanks and armoured vehicles. Kirov gave order to use nuclear weapon against Nazi Germany. Target will be harbour city Kiel and new secret facility near Kiel.
  • December 10: After strong discussion with Hitler, generals Guderian and Beck defected to the EDC and took thousands pages of documents about Wehrmacht defense on border. They gave documents to Soviets.
  • December 14: SpecNaz commandos liberated Navrchov and Churchill from Tower Prison and evacuated them to Scotland.
  • December 23: Start of "Pre-emptive Action". Red Army divisions with Polish, Lithuanian and Czechoslovakian army crossed German borders in East Prussia and advancing against Königsberg. Red Army with Czechoslovakian and Yugoslavian army advancing against Wien and Romanian army against Budapest.
  • December 29: Red Army Air Forces dropped nuclear bomb on Kiel. 100,000 dead civilians and 70 000 soldiers including research personal in secret facility.
  • December 31: Soviets completed TVB (Thermobaric Vacuum Bomb) and want use it against largest fuel depot near Berlin. This attack will kill more then 3.5 millions peoples. Navrchov convinced Tukhachevsky to stop TVB attack against fuel depot.


  • January 12: Königsberg falls. Red Army victorious conquered city and secured all industrial and navy materials for war help. General von Rundstedt capitulated and arrested by Soviet military authorities.
  • January 15: Navrchov promoted to comandarm (commander of army) and decorated with three new medals.
  • January 29: Sachsen front fall. Red Army advanced deep to Germany and preparing to encircling Berlin with Czechoslovakian, Polish, Baltic and Romanian army.
  • February 5: Navrchov promoted to comfront (commander of front).
  • February 26: EDC divisions liberated half of Italy and Italian anti-fascist resistance started uprising against Mussolini regime.
  • February 27: Successful German counterattack on Sachsen front. Red Army units retreating to basic positions. 180 000 dead Soviet and EDC soldiers.
    French General Staff decided to overthrow pro-Fascist government and re-establish democracy and peace, because of fear about invasion of EDC against France.
    During escape, Mussolini is arrest by Italian National Democratic Committee, new liberal government of Italy.
  • March 7: Italian army capitulated. Italian front disbanded and EDC-Soviet units on Italian front transferred to Austria and on south-German front.
    Same day, soviet leadership with EDC, Britain and French leadership decided to throw 15,000 TVB against United States of America.
  • April 22: Last strategic Red Army-EDC offensive, "Operation Spring Wind", starting. Thousands artillery batteries with millions shells and thousands tanks going to attack against main centers of German defense.
  • May 8: Red Army advancing to Berlin. Soviet tank guard divisions eliminated armoured resistance. Rifle divisions cleaning city from elite fanatical SS units and Volkssturm units.
    Adolf Hitler committed suicide. Nazi government dissolved.
    May 9: German high commanding capitulated. Field Marshal Keitel signed capitulation protocol to Navrchov, Rokossovsky, Litvinov and Vorkonov hands.
    Second world war ending ... in 9th May 1938.
    German soviet invasion

    Commander Navrchov (left) with capitulation protocol of Königsberg

  • May 10: Last resistance groups of United States and German soldiers in Great Britain eliminated.
  • August 8: Red Army invasion of Alaska. Red Army forces quickly eliminated United States Army resistance on Alaska.
    Same day, SpecNaz commandos eliminated Patriots Committee members on their escape route to Cuba.
    Thermobaric Vacuum Bombs dropped on United States. 32 million people died ....... but the world is free ...

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