American Politics

- The United States from the late 40's through the 90's is more right wing in OTL and at times is totalitarian. Many so called "un-American organzations" are banned. These organizations are rehabilitated.

- The New Deal is partially dismantled - some of the most basic safety net measures are maintained until the late 80's. The Kemble administration brings back Kensean Economics largely, the United States looks more like a socialist democracy than the present day

- As America becomes more authoritarian the Civil Rights movement is suppressed in the 60's the Romney Administration takes some steps in the late 70's to provide civil rights legislation for African Americans. In the deep south schools are not completely desegregated until 1994. Today inter-racial relations are much more controversial than OTL.

East Asia

- The Great Asian War or as referred by the Soviet Block the Third Patriotic War leaves the Orient in shambles. With aid from the Soviet Union the Orient is prosperous by the start of the 21st century.

- American Occupation continues in Japan until the end of the Third Patriotic war in 1959. After the Treaty of Novosibirsk the Japanese Communist Party take control of Japan- while they do not exactly follow the Soviet Model they have cordial relations with the Communist Block.

- Christianity is almost non existent in former South Korea.

- There is no Cultural or Great Leap Forward in China

- There is no Sino-Soviet Split, after Mao's death in 1952 his successors follow the Soviet Model.

- Traditional Religions in China are not as badly prosecuted as OTL.


- The counter cultural movement is crushed in the mid-60's by the government but re-emerges in the 1980's many of the OTL hallmarks of American Pop Culture never will become well known in our timeline, like the Rolling Stones and the Beatles.


- American Youth are more interested in the Far East in OTL, Japanese anime is more popular than OTL. Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and other Asian languages are very popular courses of study. Over 10% of Americans as of 2010 call themselves Buddhists.

- According to a recent Gallup Poll 43% of Americans thought the occupation of Japan and then the Great Asian War were unnecessary and cruel.


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