Wind turbine

A wind turbines farm, these technologies are common to the developed world after WWIII

Here you can see this world compared with this timeline.

While both timelines were the same until the Korean War(more specifcly September 1950) The ATL has moved away from OTL and continues to do so, although some thing remains.

Cold War tension

With the UN winning the Korean War a massive tension between the east and west was reaching unforeseen fear .This tension was only increasing in the First Cold War with more events ending up until the eastern block declared war on NATO(sinai crisis of 1956, Cuban missile crisis, Israel's 3rd war, the Yom Kippur War, the soviet invasion and annexation of Afghanistan, the Chinese civil war with each side joining NATO or the Warsaw Pact, the Berlin War tearing down attempt and the Turkey missile crisis).All of this eventually caused The Third World War to commence.

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