• The Confederacy scores a decisive victory at the Battle of Gettysburg, effectively destroying the Army of the Potomac.
  • Without anyone standing in his way, Lee marches east toward Philadelphia.
  • The defeat at Gettysburg is devastating for the Union while being a boost in morale for the south. The Draft Riots are much more violent and Congress considers impeaching President Lincoln for his poor handling of the situation.
  • By 1864, the Union is forced to make peace with the Confederacy under pressure from the United Kingdom and the American populace.


USA and CSA pre-1914

The USA and CSA after the Kentucky War.

  • The United States is significantly larger than OTL after massive territorial gains in World War I and II.
  • Without proper funds after the Confederate Revolutionary War, the Americans cannot purchase Alaska from Russia. As a result, Alaska remains a Russian colony until the outbreak of the Russian Civil War.
  • With frustration of Byrd's policies, Texas declares its independence from the Confederacy in 1945. The United States immediately recognizes it. However, uses it as a client state to fight the Confederates.
  • Uprisings are somewhat common in former Canada and the Confederate States, with nationalist groups fighting for independence from the United States.
  • Northern Maine would be annexed by the British after the Kentucky War. However, with the rest of Canada, it would be reabsorbed into the United States.
  • The unified identity of being "American" wouldn't come around until World War I. However, the belief would begin after the Kentucky War.


  • Germany is the most powerful nation in all of Europe.
  • The OTL United Kingdom would be fractured after 1945, with England, Scotland, and Ireland all being independent.
  • The cities of Paris, St. Petersburg, London, Portsmouth, and Oxford, were completely destroyed in 1944-45 after the Germans led several nuclear attacks on the Entente.
  • Eastern Europe's borders are very different from OTL as Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, and the Ottoman Empire (later Turkey) would divide up the Balkans in a series of client states and new territories, while Germany liberated former Russian territory and instated client governments in Poland, Ukraine, Finland, Livonia, and Belarus.


WWII American soldiers (Victory at Gettysburg)

American soldiers during World War II

  • After the Kentucky War and the formation of the German-American Alliance, the United States military begins to adopt some Prussian/German military tactics and principles. The American military uniforms are much more like the German uniforms in OTL during the World Wars.
  • The Confederate military uniforms are similar to the British and French uniforms of the World Wars (and to an extent the OTL American combat uniforms)
  • The atomic bomb is developed and utilized earlier than OTL, with Albert Einstein helping the Germans build a bomb by 1944.


  • Europe is much more Semitic due to no Holocaust. However, antisemitism is still very prevalent in the world.
  • Islam is much more prevalent than OTL and has fewer extremist organizations.
  • Equal rights for blacks are achieved earlier than OTL after the revelations of the Extermination, beginning in the United States. The U.S. encouraged the rest of the world to do the same.


  • Communism does not spread as rapidly as in OTL as the Soviet Union never exists. The first self-proclaimed communist country to be formed is the People's Republic of India.
  • Fascism (not to be confused with Restorationism) would still remain as a prominent political ideology as Italy and Spain would remain Fascist dictatorships for a fairly long time. Japan would take up Fascist principles. However, would never call itself Fascist.
  • The Cold War continues to this day between the United States and the Japanese Empire.
  • The War on Terror would be fairly different from OTL. The United States, along with Germany and Russia, would still invade Afghanistan after 9/11. The Mujahideen would be backed by the U.S. and its allies during the Indian War in Afghanistan and still institute an Islamic dictatorship. During *year coming soon*, the United States and its allies would invade Sudan to stop ethnic genocide in Darfur, beginning the War in Sudan.

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