• China is the gigantic Hong Kong. Under Zhao Keqiang leadership and the assistances of many other geniuses, the nation becomes very developed and even a superpower in all aspects of the world, including military, economy, education, culture and so on. Currently the nation is strongly competiting with America, Japan and Korea in film and television industries. The same case is applied to Malaysia, which is the ATL, giant version of Singapore.
  • Korea is identical to OTL, but more developed in the north portion of the country, as there were no partition of Korea.
  • Vietnam is developing and advancing 10 years ahead of OTL. The nation stays friendly to all countries in the world.
  • New Guinea, having been a home for the displaced Jews since the 1920s, enjoyed a peaceful development and is similar to OTL Israel. In this timeline, the nation of Israel is short-lived.
  • The Soviet Union survives, having stabilized its socioeconomic condition since the late 1970s, and is contributing to world peace. It has a noticeable cinema too.

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