The following article will catalogue many key differences between the Russian America timeline and our own timeline (OTL). To make it easier for all to understand what is being said, this article will be written outside the canon of the timeline.

Countries and Nations

Proposed Flag of Canada (1939) Acadia
Map of Acadia (Russian America)

Provinces of Acadia.

With the loss of the Canadas (see "Canada" and "United States"), the Maritime Provinces would be cut-off from the rest of British North America (i.e., Borealia). The isolated Maritimes would unite into a confederation in 1867 (a la Canada). Newfoundland is admitted into Acadia in 1949 (see "Canada"), followed by Bermuda in the 1950s.
During World War II, the French territories of Saint Pierre and Miquelon would be occupied by Acadian forces (with Anglo-American backing). By the war's end, Acadian forces remained on the islands and territorial residence became more supportive of the status quo. Following a referendum in 1958, the islands were separated from France and admitted into Acadia (see "France").
US flag 45 stars United States
Map of the United States (Russian America)

States of the United States.

The Texas Revolution still occurs, but the Russian Empire steps in to broker peace. Mexico agrees to sell the "core" of Texas to the United States in the late 1830s. Because the short-lived Republic of Texas would be shortened even more, the independence mentality of the region would not exist, and the state joins the Union as two separate states (North Texas and South Texas).
Manifest Destiny would not be stopped with the loss of the west. Expansionist efforts are refocused northward and southward. Americans take a greater interest in the Canadas when rebellions begin in 1837. With more support, the Canadians are successful in gaining independence. Upper Canada (Ontario) is admitted into the United States, while Lower Canada (Quebec) remains independent (see "Canada").
Following the American Civil War, the United States expands into the Caribbean. The proposed annexation of Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) is successful (which can also be attributed to "Seward's Folly" not occurring [see "Alaska"]). Following the Spanish-American War, Cuba and Puerto Rico are acquired (with the former getting fast-tracked to become a state).
Rather than simply helping Panama gain independence, the United States opts to fully annex the territory (a la Hawaii) and giving the US their long desired coast on the Pacific. With an American presence having existed on Hispaniola since the 1870s, the USA will also opt to annex Haiti after years of occupation. Both territories eventually gain statehood as a single state in the 1970s (Haiti).


Rather than creating fictional biographies, this timeline will focus completely on real people. This is achieved using the genealogical data on specific individuals of our timeline and reconstructing them to fit within the canon of the Russian America timeline.

Alaskan Criteria for Russian America

Ancestry of Alaskans.

Alaskans will primarily consist Americans, Canadians, and Mexicans whose ancestry goes back to the former Russian Empire. Non-Russians of Slavic and/or Eastern Orthodox descent would also have have a high chance of being Alaskan. Other likely groups would include East Asians, English (particularly British Columbians), and Scandinavians (to name a few).


Rather than going to Utah, virtually all Mormon pioneers would settle in Borealia. Because of this, most North American Mormons would be Borealians. The country would also include a large non-Mormon English population (by means of Western Canadians).

Canadians (Canadiens)

The Republic of Canada would consist primarily of the French-speaking population of Canada (OTL). There would also exist some Irish and Italian immigrants.


Because of its larger size and more stable economy, most Mexican Americans would remain Mexican. Mexico would also include a larger immigrant population, especially among those who immigrated through California in OTL (such as Irish and Italians).

South Africa

Most of the South African diaspora would remain in South Africa. The nation would also see a population increase in the form of Dutch and German immigration.

Geographic Names


  • Adskiye Vrata (Адские Врата; lit. "Gates of Hell") — Missoula
  • Arkticheskoye Selo (Арктическое Село; lit. "Arctic Village") — Arctic Village
  • Befil (Вефиль) — Bethel
  • Belokonsk (Белоконск; lit. "White Horse Settlement") — Whitehorse
  • Deltovoye Soyedineniye (Дельтовое Соединение; lit. "Delta Junction") — Big Delta and Delta Junction
  • Dolinnoye Serdtse (Долинное Сердце; lit. "Heart of the Valley") — Corvallis
  • Domovoy (Домовой) — Stewart
  • Duwamps (Дувампс, Duvamps) — Seattle
  • Dvurechki (Двуречки; lit. "Two Rivers") — Dos Rios
  • Faraon (Фараон; lit. "Faro") — Faro
  • Kotsebu — (Коцебу) — Kotzebue
  • Lesnoy (Лесной; lit. "Woods Settlement") — Boise
  • Lyubovny (Любовный) — McCarthy
  • Moscow-on-Shoshone (Москва-на-Шошони, Moskva-na-Shoshoni) — Lewiston
  • Nakovalenny (Наковаленный; lit. "Anvil Settlement") — Nome
  • Novospokansk (Новоспоканск; lit. "New Spokane") — Spokane (see "Spokansk")
  • Pokatello (Покателло) — Pocatello
  • Skventsk (Сквенцк) — Skwentna
  • Slavorossiysk (Славороссийск; lit. "Glorious Russian Settlement") — Yakutat
  • Snezhnyye Sovy (Снежные Совы; lit. "Snowy Owls") — Barrow
  • Spokansk (Споканск) — Fort Spokane (see "Novospokansk")
  • Staraya Gaven (Старая Гавань; lit. "Old Harbor") — Old Harbor
  • Takoma (Такома) — Tacoma
  • Terrasny (Террасный; lit. "Terrace") — Terrace
  • Truslivy (Трусливый; lit. "cowardly") — Coldfoot
  • Valdes (Вальдес) Valdez
  • Vasilla (Василла) — Wasilla
  • Vayrika (Вайрика) — Yreka
  • Voskresensk (Воскресенск; lit. "Resurrection Settlement") — Seward
  • Yevgenyevka (Евгеньевка, lit. "Little Eugene") — Eugene


  • Catherine Archipelago (Архипелаг Екатерины, Arkhipelag Yekateriny) — Aleutian Islands


  • Blagoslovennaya Sopka (Благословенная Сопка; "Blessed Mountain") — Mount Rainier
  • Bolshaya Gora (Большая Гора; lit. "Big Mountain") — Denali
  • Ilinskaya Gora (Ильинская Гора; lit. "Eliasian Mountain") — Mount Saint Elias
  • Putyatinskaya Sopka (Путятинская Сопка; lit. "Putyatin's Mountain") — Mount Hood
  • Schastlivaya Sopka (Счастливая Сопка; lit. "Happiness Mountain") — Mount Shasta
  • Yeleninskaya Sopka (Еленинская Сопка; lit. "Helenian Hill") — Mount St. Helens


  • Shoshone River (Шошони, Shoshoni) — Snake River


  • Kamyshatsky Bay (Камышацкая губа, Kamyshatskaya guba) — Bristol Bay
  • Rumyantsev Bay (Залив Румянцева, Zaliv Rumyantseva) — Bodega Bay