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The following article will catalogue many key differences between the Russian America timeline and our own timeline (OTL). To make it easier for all to understand what is being said, this article will be written outside the canon of the timeline.


This timeline will focus completely on real people from OTL (as opposed to fictitious characters). This is achieved by researching the ancestries of individuals and placing these journeys within this alternate reality.

Alternate Alaskans

Alaskan Criteria for Russian America

Ancestry of Alaskans.

Americans, Canadians, and Mexicans from OTL will make up the vast majority of Alaskans of this timeline. Among this group, those who are of East Slavic descent (e.g., Russians and Ukrainians) will make up the bulk of Alaska's population. There will also exist a sizable minority of those where were descended from Slavs, Orthodox Christians, subjects of the former Russian Empire, British colonists of the Pacific Northwest, as well as a few Germanic and Asiatic peoples.

Geographic Names


  • Alpinsk (Альпинск; lit. "Alpine Settlement") — Alpine
  • Befil (Вефиль) — Bethel
  • Beloloshadiny (Белолошадиный; lit. "White Horse Settlement") — Whitehorse
  • Dolinnoye Serdtse (Долинное Сердце; lit. "Valley Heart") — Corvallis
  • Domovoy (Домовой) — Stewart
  • Duwamps (Дувампс, Duvamps) — Seattle
  • Dve Reki (Две Реки; lit. "Two Rivers") — Dos Rios
  • Faraon (Фараон; lit. "Faro") — Faro
  • Lesnoy (Лесной; lit. "Woods Settlement") — Boise
  • Lyubovich (Любович) — McCarthy
  • Mertveloshadiny (Мертвелошадиный; lit. "Dead Horse Settlement") — Deadhorse
  • Moscow-on-Shoshoni (Москва-на-Шошони, Moskva-na-Shoshoni) — Lewiston
  • Nakovalenny (Наковаленный; lit. "Anvil Settlement") — Nome
  • Novospokansk (Новоспоканск; lit. "New Spokane") — Spokane
  • Pokatello (Покателло) — Pocatello
  • Slavorossiysk (Славороссийск; lit. "Glorious Russian Settlement") — Yakutat
  • Staraya Gaven (Старая Гавань; lit. "Old Harbor") — Old Harbor
  • Ukpeagvik (Укпеагвик) — Barrow
  • Vasilla (Василла) — Wasilla
  • Voskresensk (Воскресенск; lit. "Resurrection Settlement") — Seward
  • Vrata Ada (Врата Ада; lit. "Hell's Gate") — Missoula
  • Vayrika (Вайрика) — Yreka


  • Catherine Archipelago (Архипелаг Екатерины, Arkhipelag Yekateriny) — Aleutian Islands


  • Bolshaya Gora (Большая Гора; lit. "Big Mountain") — Denali
  • Yeleninskaya Sopka (Еленинская Сопка; lit. "Helenian Hill") — Mount St. Helens



  • Rumyantsev Bay (Залив Румянцева, Zaliv Rumyantseva) — Bodega Bay

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