The Russian Army sides with Alexander Rutskoy and manage to oust Boris Yeltsin from office.

United States



General George G. Meade goes along with Lincoln's orders and engages Robert E. Lee and the Army of Northern Virginia following the Battle of Gettysburg.

With the election of Theodore Roosevelt in 1912 and 1916, the Republican Party would be faced with the post-war electoral chaos following World War I. Although he declines to run for a fifth term, the Democrats use this chaos to win the 1920 election with James M. Cox.

Political Parties

  • Conservative Party - The Conservative Party is a right-wing party established in 1939 by Robert A. Taft in response to Republican support for the New Deal. The Conservatives are widely credited for helping President Joseph P. Kennedy win his reelection in 1948. The Conservatives were swept in to many offices in southern states during the 1948 elections. It soon became the dominate party of the South following the passage of the Civil Rights Act in 1965 and the Voting Rights Act in 1966. The party is most popular in the southern states with a majority of Senators and Congressman being members.
  • Democratic Party - The Democratic Party is a center-left that believes democracy, populism, and democratic socialism to an extent. The Democrats popularity began to recover during the Tilden administration (1877-1885). During this time, the Democratic Party was dominated by the Bourbon Democrats whom believed in classical liberalism. These Bourbon Democrats quickly gained popularity in the country with the elections of Samuel J. Tilden and Grover Cleveland (the most prominent leaders of the Bourbon's). Samuel J. Tilden's administration would be most noted for his tackling of corruption within the U.S. government.
  • Republican Party - The Republican Party is a centrist party with views ranging from liberalism to conservatism (however the Liberal wing is the most prevalent). Following the Theodore Roosevelt's election to a third term, progressive Republicans became much more popular and became the majority with the Republican Party. Many conservative Republicans switched to the Democratic Party and took part in the 1920 election and the subsequent Democratic domination of the Roaring Twenties. The Party would support the social programs of Franklin D. Roosevelt.


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