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A list of differences from OTL which have occured since the halting of the Mughal Invasion of Hindustan in 1556.


  • The Mughal invasion is stopped in its tracks, due to the Battle of Panipat, and a young Akbar (and de facto Bairam Khan) being killed leads to the Mughals having no direction. The Hindustani Raj is born in the aftermath of the war and will later go on to become a world power in the centuries to come.
  • The Deccan Sultanates are slightly demoralisaed by the Mughal defeat, yet continue with their wars against Vijaynagar. Vijaynagar quickly sent out feelers to Hemu as the only other Hindu kingdom whoch might be able to help, and it paid off. At the Battle of Talikota the Sultanates were defeated.



  • North America has three nations





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