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A list of differences in the Fashoda War timeline.


  • With the series of skirmishes in the Fashoda War, the relations between France and the United Kingdom would be dismal. As a result, Britain is not part of the Entente alliance.



  • The Triple Alliance (OTL Central Powers) would win the Continental War (OTL World War I), completely reshaping the demographics of Europe.
  • Austria-Hungary would remain a unified state well into the 60s before granting independence to Hungary. Bohemia would be granted independence later into the 90s.
  • Eastern Europe is significantly more violent and extreme than OTL. Rampant Islamophobic terrorism is prevalent in the region.




  • Without Britain's membership in the Entente, World War I is fought mainly on continental Europe, known as the Continental War. Germany and it's allies swiftly defeat France and the Russian Empire by 1917. As a result of the Austro-German forces fairing better than OTL, Italy and Romania fight on their side rather than the Entente.
  • OTL World War II is divided between the Great War and the Pacific War. With France and Russia encountering conflicts with both the Allies and Japan, the empire's conquests are considered as a separate war.
  • The Cold War between Germany and the United States has a different ending than OTL. The Peace of Bern alleviates most of the tensions in 1989 with both powers shutting down nuclear fascilities in foreign countries, however many consider the struggle for global power is still prominent.



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