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A list of differences in the Caesar of Rome timeline, resulting from the death of Skanderbeg in battle.


  • The Ottoman Empire has an easier time suppressing the League of Lezhë, and subjugates the Albanian region, avoiding years of war. As such, the Ottomans have an easier time expanding their influence, as well as their navy, in the Adriatic Sea.
  • The First Ottoman-Venetian War takes place from 1463-1466, years earlier than OTL, since the Venetians do not have the Albanians on their side. With the end of the war, the Venetians keep Morea in exchange for Negroponte and naval vessels.
  • Sultan Mehmed II finds himself at a better position to make his claim of an Ottoman successor to the Roman Empire legitimate by invading the Italian peninsula. This results in the collapse of the Papal States and the Fall of Rome to the Ottomans. The Sultan effectively becomes the Caesar of Rome.
  • With the Spanish trying to expel the Muslim invaders in Naples, the Crown does not fund Christopher Columbus, and he instead sails to the New World for England.
  • more to come

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