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Dietrich IV of Prussia (Chaos)

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Dietrich IV of Prussia, Osterland and Mark Landsberg of the Wettin dynasty was born in 1589 as the son of Dietrich III and his wife.

In 1640, he joined the Baltic League that was founded by king Erik XVII of Sweden at this year. Otherwise, his government wasn't remarkable.

He died 1643 and was succeeded by his distant relative from the line of Balthasar (a Wettin sideline started in the 15th century!).

United Baltic Duchy flag   Member States of the Baltic League (Chaos TL)   United Baltic Duchy flag
Member States

Brandenburg-Silesia | Franconia-Pomerania | Prussia | Sweden-Norway-Mecklenburg

Prominent Rulers
(founding members in italics)

Dietrich IV | Erik XVII | Johann VIII | Kristina I | Waldemar "Cicero" V

Predecessor: Dietrich IV Wettin (Chaos) Successor:
Dietrich III Dietrich IV

Duke of Prussia

Balthasar I
Dietrich XIV Dietrich XV

Margrave of Osterland

Balthasar VII

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