Die Invasion
Date April 11, 1982 - March 16, 1982
Location The British Isles

Dominant German Victory

  • The UK forced into the satellite Axis
  • Ireland acquires Northern Ireland
  • Government change in the UK

Flag of the German Reich (1935–1945) German Reich
Italia.flag Italy
Flag of France French Republic

Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom

Flag of the German Reich (1935–1945) Helmut Christian Göbbels
Italia.flag Benito Mussolini
Flag of FranceNone (France was in disarray)
Flag of the United Kingdom Margaret Thatcher
The Reich:

250,000 Wehrmacht Troops,
50,000 Expeditionary Troops,
2,500 Tanks,
225 Ships,
850 Planes

United Kingdom:
75,000 Infantry
950 Tanks,
320 Ships,
115 Planes

The Axis:

Total 12,517 Troops,
205 Tanks,
73 Ships,
192 Planes

United Kingdom:
Estimated 49,000 Infantry,
Total 272 Tanks,
319 Ships,
115 Planes

Die Invasion (the Invasion) is a turning point in the Reich's foreign policy toward outcasts.