Richard Bruce Cheney (b. January 30, 1941), usually referred to as Dick Cheney was President of the United States from 2001 until 2005. Elected in 2001 as the Republican nominee, against former Vice President Bob Kerrey for the Democrats, Cheney was defeated in 2005 after it emerged during the campaign that he had sent the U.S. to war in the Iraq region of the Eastern Caliphate on the basis of faulty intelligence and had deliberately falsified information to justify the invasion. He was defeated by Democratic challenger Warren Beatty.

Richard Bruce Cheney
Order: 35th

President of the United States

President from: January 20,2001-
January 20,2005
Vice President: Donald Rumsfeld
Preceded by: William J. Clinton

{{item infobox|Succeeded by|[[Warren Beatty (Royal Prerogative)|Warren Beatty}}

Born: January 30, 1941
Lincoln, Nebraska
Political Party: Republican
Spouse: Lynne Cheney

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