Großdeutsches Reich
Greater German Reich
1933 –
Flag of the German Reich (1935–1945) Reichsadler der Deutsches Reich (1933–1945)
"Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer.
("One People, one Empire, one Leader.")
First stanza of "Das Lied der Deutschen" followed by "Horst-Wessel-Lied"
Official language German
Capital Berlin (17.467.890 inh)
Reichs Führer Ulrich von Bismarck
Location of the Deutsches Reich (1) (Soviet Defeat)
State Ideology National Socialism
Territories Germany, Austria, Croatia, Bohemia/Moravia, Poland, Ukraine, Western Russia, Baltic States, Southern Denmark,Luxembourg, Eupen-Malmédy, Alsace-Lorraine, Togoland
Population 87.560.957 inh. (inner Germany), 76.685.345 inh. East European territories), 120.987.345 inh. (African colonies)
Currency New Reichsmark

Germany, or Deutsches Reich, is a nation that spans Central Europe and Eastern Europe as well as some of Western Asia and Central Africa, or Mittelafrika.


Germany's predecessor State, the Weimar Republic, had been in a state of turmoil following the Great Depression. As a result of popular discontent with the status quo as well as political scheming behind the scenes, Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany promising a Thousand Year Reich. He first set about improving Germany's infrastructure with his famous autobahns. Then, against the advice of Hjalmar Schaat, the head of Germany's central bank, Hitler geared Germany for total war. He first marched soldiers into the Rhineland, a flagrant violation of the Treaty of Versailles. The only reason war was avoided was because of a policy of appeasement due to the British and French being unwilling for war at the time. Hitler then used appeasement to annex Austria in the Anschluss even though Versailles also forbade it. He then devoured the Sudetenland in 1938, and Czechoslovakia after the famous Munich Conference of 1938. In August 1939, Adolf Hitler concluded a non-aggression treaty with the Soviet Union, which is known as the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact.

Germany At war

Germany invaded Poland with Russia on September 1, 1939. They invaded on the pretext that a Polish soldier had attacked the town of Gleiwitz. This led to Britain and France issuing an ultimatum for Germany to withdraw from Poland or face war. Hitler did not abide, and World War 2 broke out two days later. Germany had developed a new tactic based upon the Mongol hordes. Fast units would attack first to throw the enemy off guard, then the heavy units and air support would come in. This tactic came to be known as blitzkrieg, or lightning war. Using the blitzkrieg, Germany managed to crush the French after six months of ceasefire, or the phony war. Germany then set about besieging Britain after a failed attempt to crush the Royal Air Force. This siege involved sinking convoys bound for Britain. After the Pearl Harbor attacks on Oahu in 1941, the United States went to war with the Reich. However, Germany had managed to storm across Russia, wiping out most of the Red Army. After a lightning campaign in the Western Desert and Palestine, and the massed use of Stealth Submarines (type XXI U-Boats) Britain finally sued for peace.


From the latest data cull the OSS has published, Germany's GDP is 23 trillion USD, which is sixth behind the United States, Japan, China, Korea and India in that order.

Germany's economic production,


Germany's military is divided into the Waffen SS, Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine. Germany's military budget is three trillion USD, which makes it the largest military budget in the world. They usually go into next-gen projects. Military service is compulsory from 18 to 22. However, a person can choose which branch they are to be in.

Waffen SS - The Praetorian Guard of the Third Reich. They are the armed wing of the SS, or Secret Police. The SS functions as the deadliest force the Reich has to deploy. As such, they have state of the art equipment.

Wehrmacht - The Standard German army. It has some of the latest equipment to offer. The average life expectancy of a soldier, however, is very limited if they are deployed to the Urals.

Kriegsmarine - The German navy. The German navy is known to be of very high quality. It is described as being tougher in training than even the Waffen SS. The newest submarines are known to be among the most difficult to detect and the next generation of aircraft carriers will be introduced by 2011.

Luftwaffe - The German air force. Their newest HO-XX fighters are known to be capable of reaching Mach 4 speeds.



Germany is a police state with absolute control by the Nazi Party. Dissent earns a sentence of 25 years in a KZ or immediate execution. The Nazi Party is also the only legal party in Nazi Germany.

Foreign Affairs

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