Flag of the German Empire

Flag of the Empire

Germany, officially the Kaiserreich der Deutsches (English: Empire of the Germans) is a great power located near Eastern Europe. The Empire is one of the most powerful nations in the world and has an extensive colonial empire spanning four of six continents. The Empire descends from the Electorate of Brandenburg, which was a founding power of the Holy Roman Empire.

The Empire is divided into 13 Staaten, or states, and all are represented in the Reichstag. Each of the colonies also has a representative in the Reichstag. The Empire has a mediocre monopoly over the Antillian trade system.



  1. Brandenburg
  2. Bohemia
  3. Moravia
  4. Courland
  5. Prussia
  6. Norway
  7. Sweden
  8. Denmark
  9. Schwerin
  10. Aquatine
  11. Austria
  12. East Brandenburg
  13. Gibraltar


  1. Neu Berlin (New York, New Jersey, Michigan, and Southern Ontario)
    • Vinland (Newfoundland and Greenland)
  2. Neu Mecklenburg (parts of Ghana)
  3. Persia (area on Persian Gulf)

Client states


  1. Mysore
  2. Travancore
  3. Lanka
  4. Carnatic
  5. Hyderabad
  6. Sindhustan


  1. Orientalia
  2. Chimu
  3. Neu Prussen
  4. Georgia
  5. Luxembourg (part of the Confederation of the Rhine)
  6. Korya

Imperial Territorial Zones

  1. Berlin (capital)
  2. Tangiers (major fort)


Frederick IX and I, Kaiser of All Germanica, Kaiser of Brandenburg, King of Georgia and of Denmark and Norway and Sweden, Grand Duke of Luxembourg and of Courland and of Austria, Grand Prince of Poland, and Protector of the Erokee and Myami and Vinlandic, and Tsar of Novgorod the Great, Minsk and all of Russia, Tsar of Germans, Grand Prince of Greater Finland, Provider of Norway, Lord of Riga, Pskov, and Kazan, High Advisor to the Tatars and the Astrakhani, Appointer of the Baku Director, Sovereign of Siberia, and Defender of the Realm and Great Lord and Ruler and Protector of all the Germanic and Russian lands hereof

Bold are common titles, untitled is Russian titlesitalics is German titles

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