Detroit is one of the most wealthiest cities on the planet, due to hip hop never being invented. It grew to become one of the world's largest cities, growing in population, and economically. The city is still the motor city, and home to the Big 7 automobile companies (Ford, GM, Chrysler, Monroe, Eco, Winston, Milford, Lincoln). The city is also a major entertainment hub. Broadway, and the movie industry has grown popular since the late 1980s. Detroit is also well known for its culinary staples in America. Detroit sports have been popular to the city. The Detroit Pistons are one of the best teams in the NBA, in this timeline. The Lions have won 3 superbowls, since their first win in 1992. The Red Wings are still on top, and the Tigers have surpassed the Yankees. Detroit is very diverse in population. Jewish people populated in early 1990s, and the Hispanics have been populating Detroit. African-Americans populate very little of Detroit, populating Eastern neighborhoods. Very strong white population in Detroit. Coleman Young was never elected mayor. There would never have been a black mayor, cause of the small population of black people in Detroit. Italians populated the West, Rosedale Park, and Joy Rd. neighborhoods. White people still populate East and West, North and South.


Since hip hop was never invented, the black community was not influenced as much with bad values and then the community became actually better than it was before.

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