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Terre Napoleon



Ongoing Events: Napoleonic Wars

  • 4th March: Two hundred Irish convicts in New South Wales defeat the New South Wales Corps at the Second Battle of Vinegar Hill (OTL Castle Hill Rebellion), sending the colonial administration into chaos.
  • 6th March: New South Wales Governor Phillip Gidley King surrenders to the rebels. Rebels proclaim the Republic of New South Wales , and name Phillip Cunningham their leader.
  • 20th March: The Republic dispatches a ship to the French colony of Ile de France (Mauritius), asking them for assistance against a possible British re-takeover.
  • 30th September: The ship reaches Ile de France. The French authorities see helping the rebels as a way to pursue their dream of colonies in South Australia and send troops to assist the new republic, as well as colonists for the new colony in Terre Napoleon (OTL South Australia, Western Australia Southern Coast, Victoria and Tasmania).
  • 1st October: The "Constitution of the Republic of New South Wales" is completed. It outlines the rights of citizens, and establishes the unicameral legislature, as well as the office of President of the Republic.
  • 3rd October: Phillip Cunningham is overwhelmingly elected President.
  • 2nd December: Napoleon crowns himself Emperor of the French at Notre Dame Cathedral. Creation of the French Empire. dbj


Ongoing Events: Napoleonic Wars

  • 25th April: The French fleet arrives at Sydney Cove. A detachment of french troops is posted to Sydney to help protect the new republic. Phillip Cunningham meets with Francois Peron, first Governor of Terre Napoleon.
  • 30th April: Peron leaves Sydney with the french colonists and the remainder of the french troops to establish the colony in Terre Napoleon.
  • 20th May: The French fleet arrives in Gulf Bonaparte (OTL Spencer Gulf). Peron proclaims Terre Napoleon, claiming the land for France.
  • 21st October: The Battle of Trafalgar. The British win a huge victory over the French.
  • 2nd December: Napoleon wins the Battle of Austerlitz, subjugating most of central Europe.


Ongoing Events: Napoleonic Wars

  • 28th February: The Battle for Sydney Cove: British ships sail into Sydney harbour, demanding surrender from the republic. Phillip Cunningham refuses on behalf of the republic, and a general battle ensues. The British believe victory to be in their hands, however they hadn't counted on the republic's new French allies, and are repulsed after a grueling thirteen hour battle.


Ongoing Events: Napoleonic Wars

  • 7th July: Treaty of Tilsit: Napoleon signs an alliance with Russian Tsar Alexander I, promising to aid each other in future wars.
  • 15th August: Bad weather scatters the British fleet en route to Copenhagen. As a result, the Danish fleet survives.






Ongoing Events: Napoleonic Wars

  • 20th March: Napoleon's new wife, Marie-Louise, gives birth to a son; Napoleon, King of Rome.
  • 1st April: The Northern Campaign begins. France invades Prussia and Denmark-Norway. The Russians invade Finland and Sweden.
  • 10th April: The Danish royal family flee for Iceland, they arrive two weeks later.
  • 17th April: The Battle for Copenhagen: The French defeat the Danish army in a battle outside Copenhagen. Denmark-Norway becomes part of the French Empire. Kiel is annexed to the Confederation of the Rine.
  • 27th April: Fredrick VI of Denmark establishes the Kingdom of Iceland, consisting of Iceland and Greenland.
  • 3rd May: Battle of Berlin: The French crush the Prussians outside Berlin. Napoleon parades victorious through the streets of the Prussian capital.
  • 4th May: The Kingdom of Prussia officially becomes part of the French Empire.
  • 11th August: French/Danish troops moving north through Sweden meet with Russian troops moving south. Sweden is divided between the two powers.


  • 8th June: War of 1812: The USA declares war on Britain and invades Canada.


Ongoing Events: Napoleonic Wars, War of 1812.

  • 29th March: Invasion of Britain: The massive combined Franco-Danish-Prussian-Swedish navy emerges from Bolougne, leading a flotilla of invasion barges. George III, most of the royal family, the Prime Minister and the Home Secretary travel to Dartford in accordance with contingency plans.
  • 30th March: The first French troops splash ashore in Kent, under heavy fire from the British. The Battle of Dover won by the French.
  • 31st March: A massive popular uprising takes place in Ireland. British troops abandon Ireland to focus on defending England.
  • 2nd April: The French advance North-West and face the British near Lenham. The battle quickly swings in the French's favour. Prince George, the unpopular Regent, watches as victory gets further and further away. George knows that this battle will seal the fate of his kingdom. He mounts his favourite horse, and personally leads the remaining British cavalry in a charge. He is killed, his death hailing the end of the British Empire. Needless to say, the battle is lost by the British, and the French advance towards London.
  • 3rd April: The Battle of London: The local militia and fencibles put up a brave defence of their capital, however, the tricolour flies above the Tower of London by nightfall. Napoleon sleeps in Buckingham Palace.
  • 4th April: Napoleon invites King George III to London to discuss terms. The King refuses, promising to put up a fight until the end.
  • 20th April: Battle of Birmingham: First British victory of the campaign.
  • 3rd May: Irish rebels invade Wales to assist the French. The remaining English forces now have to fight on two fronts: the South and the West.
  • 11th May: The last of the loyal British forces face the Franco-Irish army in Nottingham. The battle which follows completely destroys the British, along with any hopes of a free England.
  • 12th May: King George III officially surrenders to the French. He signs the Treaty of Nottingham. The treaty abolishes the UK and recognises Ireland as an independent republic. However, it also establishes the Kingdom of Saint Helena, recognising George as King.
  • 15th May: Napoleon divides Great Britain into two sections. All land beneath a line running from the Bristol Channel to King's Lynn is annexed to France as the Province of Angelterre Francais. Land north of that line becomes the Kingdom of Scotland, ruled by Napoleon's brother Joseph, the then King of Spain. Napoleon annexes Spain and Portugal to the French Empire.
  • 31st May: British forces in Canada surrender to the Americans. Canada is absorbed into the USA.
  • 1st October: Guerrilla resistance in Spain essentially ends by this date. Without funds and supplies from the British, they can no longer keep up their fight against the French.


Ongoing Events: Napoleonic Wars (Southern War)

  • 5th February: Austria is simultaneously invaded by France from the West and Russia from the East.
  • 10th February: Austria's overwhelmed military, taken by surprise by the two-pronged invasion, surrender to the Franco-Russian forces.
  • 11th February: Emperor Francis abdicates the Austrian throne. Austria is absorbed into the French Empire.
  • 13th February: Franco-Russian forces in Austria turn south and invade the Ottoman Empire.
  • 12th April: Skopje falls to the Franco-Russians.
  • 14th April: Mauritous is retaken by the french without a shot being fired.
  • 15th August: Constantinople finally falls to the Franco-Russians. The Ottoman Balkans are absorbed into the Russian Empire.


Ongoing Events: Napoleonic Wars (American War)

  • 5th January: French forces from Mauritius arrive in Calcutta to accept the surrender of the British there. The British authorities surrender, however many British units defect and escape to the country.
  • 15th February: Napoleon and a massive French army land in Georgetown, Guyana.
  • 27th April: The French storm Maturin, giving them a base in Venezuela.
  • 11th July: Barcelona falls to the French.
  • 17th August: French defeated by revolutionaries outside Zaraza.
  • 30th September: The French enter Caracas.
  • 19th October: Napoleon enters into an alliance with Jose Antonio Paez -leader of the fierce horsemen, llaneros- promising them loot from the cities and towns they conquer.
  • 21st December: Napoleon and the llaneros defeat the Venezuelan revolutionaries in the Battle of Acaragua, effectively ending the revolution in Venezuela.


  • 3rd January: Russian and American expeditionary forces arrive in Caracas to support their French allies.

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