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Göring, after looking at the plans for Operation Sea Lion, realizes that for it to be at all successful, they have to neutralize the Royal Navy, so the British can not intercept the Rhine barges. He orders a surge of U-Boats, in coordination with the Luftwaffe, to destroy the British naval capabilities in the English Channel and the North Sea.

The surge has the planned effect, as the Royal Navy is unable to cope with the air and sea assault on its ships, without land based air support. The British navy is dealt blow after devastating blow. Soon, the British have to relocate the majority of their fleet to Iceland to preserve it.

With an opening secured, Göring gives Operation: Sealion permission to proceed. Under the guns of the German navy, Field Marshall Rundstedt and four infantry divisions land on the beaches of southeast Britain. The British resist fiercely, but lack of air superiority hurts their efforts. The Germans slowly advance as they attempt to open a route to get into the British rear. How will the Battle of Britain go?

Britain falls

The British drive the Germans back into the ocean

The Germans seize England, but can't take Scotland

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