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Despotism of krahnz

The flag of the Despotism of Krahnz

The flag of the Despotism of Krahnz

This is why shades of grey are associated with despotism, the Despotism of Krahnz started this trend. The background color is a murky shade of green, the color of the Despotism of Krahnz. The 5 stripes at the bottom of the flag go from white to black (you can't see the white stripe here though, but if you compare the 2 flags, you can see that the caption begins lower on the first flag than on the second flag, because there's a white stripe). The highest stripe is black, and dark shades of grey (including black) represent despotism. On those stripes lies a circle, and although probably not meant as a sun, et cetera, we can identify this nation as a Ptolemaic rebel nation based on this circle (although, other nations, which aren't Ptolemaic rebel nations, also have a circle in their flag, so without any other evidence we really can't). Above the circle are pointed stripes, again in dark shades of grey, but without black and white. The darkest grey is to the left, and it is rumoured that the despot of the Despotism of Krahnz was
Krahnz union of cleoptais

The flag of Krahnz under the Union of Cleoptais

left handed. When he was seen in public, and when he fought, he always had his sword in his left hand.

The flag of Krahnz under the Union of Cleoptais

When the Despotism of Krahnz, renamed to Krahnz, became a province of the Union of Cleoptais (only later it became an autonomous province, like the other Ptolemaic rebel nations that joined (willingly, or in this case, unwillingly) the Union of Cleoptais), the Union of Cleoptais added a border in their color around the flag. It is interesting, that instead of removing the 2 lightest colors of the 5 horizontal stripes by adding the border, they shifted the colors upwards and removed the 2 darkest colors. Another thing is that the Union of Cleoptais added a border around the flag, some people say that indicates that the nation with the border around its flag was conquered or unwillingly annexed or things like that, and while that is true for this nation, the Union of Cleoptais made its subjects autonomous provinces, essentially making them different nations under the protection of the Union of Cleoptais. The other Ptolemaic rebel nations that 'acquired' other nations merely made them provinces, controlled by the 'master nation'.

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