Deseret National Army

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The Deseret National Army (or D.N.A.) is the main fighting force of the Socialist State of Deseret. It was founded in 1956 as a resistance group against United States occupation of Deseret (Conflict in the SouthWest) called the D.I.A.

The arms of the D.N.A. are Russian surplus weapons, such as Ak-74s, RPGs, and T-80s. Its membership was small until the 1980s after the Ogden Shootout (Conflict in the SouthWest). At the height of the War for Independence (Conflict in the SouthWest), its membership was estimated at 2,000,000. Now, since the American forces have withdrawn, the D.I.A. has around 100,000 active service members.

The ranks of the D.N.A. are Cadet, Private, Lance-Corporal, Corporal, Sergeant 2nd Class, Sergeant 1st Class, Junior Warrent Officer, and Warrent Officer.

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