Mormon Republic of Deseret
Timeline: Disunited

OTL equivalent: Utah
Flag of Deseret
Utah in United States
Location of Deseret

Peace, Love, Unity and Tolerance (English)

Anthem "Smith's Country"
Capital Salt Lake City
Largest city Salt Lake City
Other cities Beaver, Brigham City, Castle Dale, Coalville, St. George, Smith Village
  others Swedish, Norwegian, French
Religion Mormonism
Government Theocratic Constitutional Presidential Republic
President Jon Huntsman Jr.
Vice President Jake Garn
Area 84,889 km²
Population est. 3,000,000 
Independence April 6, 1874
Currency Desertan Dollar
Organizations United Nations

The Mormon Republic of Deseret, often called simply Deseret or by its old name Utah, is a Mormon-based theocratic constitutional presidential republic encompassing the former Utah territory of the United States. It is bordered by the United States to the north, east, and west, and the allied Confederate States to the direct south. Deseret is currently transitioning to an era of diplomacy, following the bitter period of the North American War that almost destroyed the nation. Recent developments have placed a majority of liberals in the government, most notably with formerly perennial candidate Jon Huntsman Jr. winning the presidency of Deseret.


Pre-Mormon Revolution

Deseret was originally the Utah Territory of the United States, and had a majority population of Mormons, who had emigrated to the land many years before to start their very own Mormon land.

Mormon Revolution

Inspired by the successful secessions of New England and the Confederate States, Brigham Young, the then President of the Church, began to organize Mormons and non-Mormons to hold a referendum for Utah independence. Not wanting yet another country to leave the union, the USA sent local troops from army bases in Nevada and Colorado to smother the rebellion.

Realizing that the USA wasn't exactly fond of popular opinion of Utah, many Mormons violently attacked occupying US troops. Many of these attacks included bludgeoning many a soldier's head and setting fire to occupied vehicles. Before word of this brutality reached the US Government, Mormon rebels had pushed US troops out of Salt Lake county. Pushing through other sparsely-occupied counties, Mormon rebels captured Northern Utah by March 21.

Due to a failed order to mobilize Wyoming-based regiments to Utah, The Mormon rebels managed the capture Southern Utah by April 2, 1874, ending with the two-hour Battle of Kanab that killed only four US soldiers.

On April 6, 1874, the Utah legislature met in the Salt Lake City Capitol, and appointed Brigham Young to be the 1st President of Deseret on a two-year term. President Young, in his old age, did not run for reelection in 1876 and died a year later during the Taylor administration.

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