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Ragnar Loðbrók ("Hairy Breeches") was one of the most feared Vikings active in France and England in the Ninth Century. His sons conquered England and his descendants, properly called the Ragnarætten , established several influential dynasties. During the Tenth Century, grandsons and great-grandsons of Ragnar founded kingdoms in Ireland and Continental Europe. Their well-timed marriages over the next several centuries ensured that the progeny of Ragnar would play a great part in Europe's politics for a very long time.

                         *Ragnar Lodbrok
            |                                                  |
    *Halfdan Ragnarsson                                *Ivar the Boneless
    K. Jórvík 871-893                                  K. Østangeln 873-883
            |                                            ______|_____________________
          Hogni                                         |                            | 
    K. Jórvík 893-924                                *Sigtrygg                   *Sigfrid
      ______|________________________                   |                  K. Østangeln 883-903
     |                |              |           *Sigtrygg the Squinty               |
  Hallgerd          Hrolf          Raghild       Mg. Angelania 925-927    *Guðrøðr (Godefroy)
     |                |       Q. Østangeln 922-933                        Mg. Angelania 927-959
  Thorvald         Thorgird    -m. Eirik, K.  Østang.                      D. Burgundy 952-959
K. Jórvík 947-954     |              |                  _____________________________|____
                 Thorkell      Olaf the Hairy          |                                  |
         K. Jórvík 954-975   K. Galisja 949-958      Rognvald (Raymond)           Godefroy II              
         -m. Grunhild,               |           Mg. Angelania 959-970     D. Burgundy 959-983
        d. Erik the Mariner        Hrut                                   ___________|_________
              |           K. Galisja (Sant Jakob) 958-982                |                     |
        ______|___________                |                          Guillaume I           Godefroy III           
       |                  |             Astrid                D. Burgundy 991-1028      D. Burgundy 983-991 
     Hrolf              Bjorn          Q. Castile 995-1008               |                   
K. Jórvík 990-998  K. Jórvík 975-979      |                          Godefroy IV (I) 
       |                                Alfonso Sanchez          D. Burgundy 1028-1044
    Ingigerd                           K. Castile 1017-1036      K. Burgundy 1044-1059
Q. England & Denmark 1018-1035                                   Roman Emp. 1047-1059
 -m. *Cnut the Great


K. = "King of"
Q. = "Queen of"
D. = "Duke/Duchess of"
C. = "Count/Countess of"
J. = "Jarl/Earl of"
Mg. = "Margrave/Marquis of"
d. = "daughter of"
m. = "married"
* = real person in OTL
Ethelred the Pious

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