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The Right Honourable
Derrick Mayweather
Bundesarchiv Bild Helmut Schmidt 1975 cropped
Chancellor Mayweather in 1947
25th Chancellor of Cygnia
In office
5 May 1946 – 9 August 1958
Monarch Ellory I
Preceded by Himself (as Prime Minister of the Provisional Government)
Franklin J. Heller (as Chancellor of the Republic)
Succeeded by Otto Humphrey
Prime Minister of the Cygnian Provisional Government
In office
8 April 1943 – 5 May 1946
Preceded by Position established
Franklin J. Heller as Chancellor of the Republic
Succeeded by Position abolished
Himself as Chancellor of Cygnia
Personal details
Born 22 January 1899
Empire of Cygnia
Died 9 March 1994 (age 95)
Political party Non-partisan
Religion Church of Cygnia

Derrick Mayweather was the 25th Chancellor of Cygnia, and the first of the modern Empire of the United Cygnian States.

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