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Der Nicht So Großer Krieg, or The Not So Great War in German is a timeline where Germany and Austria-Hungary win the Great War. Introducing Der Nicht So Großer Krieg, a timeline written by JoshTheRoman.

Points of Divergence

Fritz Haber

Fritz Haber, Pioneer in the field of chemical weapons

Discovery of Sarin (1912)

Fritz Haber was a German chemist who came from a Jewish family. Known as the father of chemical warfare for his years of work developing chlorine and most known for the discovery of Sarin, this discovery would eventually lead to the quick German victory and capture of Paris and the end of the Great War. While experimenting with a pesticide to rid his garden of pests, he would uncover a dark discovery. The pesticide proved more toxic than he expected - far more toxic. The weapon soon comes under the radar of the Imperial German Army. They quickly covered everything up. Herr Haber, meanwhile, was offered a deal; reproduce the gas for the German government and escape prosecution for the three deaths he had caused. He happily acquiesced, being a patriotic German and by no means eager to be convicted for murder. He went into isolation at a chemical warfare testing center in Bavaria deep in the Black Forest, where the gas was produced and tested over the next few months in the utmost secrecy. It proved effective beyond the War Ministry's most gruesome daydreams.

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